Delusional Love: Chapter 1

It's a story about two people who were "Not made for each other" but destiny had other plans for them. This is my first story, so please comment and help me improve.
It was a cold and foggy winter night of December, Hannah was walking quietly with her hands tucked in the side pockets of her jeans. She shrugged the thought of him as soon as it dared to enter her mind. "Why do I always have to think about him, huh?" She questioned herself. Her long black tresses was covering her face she tried to tuck her hair behind her ears thinking, "It was almost like a dream, everything that was happening gave me a sense of delightment then... Damn, I have to stop thinking about him." She heard the sound of footsteps behind her. She turned to look what was approaching her but as soon as her sight could see beyond the fog, the "thing" disappeared. "I should brisk walk instead of walking," she talked to herself.


That night was so windy and foggy that the stars and moon did not dare to appear let alone shine. Hannah was standing in her balcony disappointed with the night. She decided to read a novel instead which she was ignoring for a while. Even the story of that novel reminded her of him. The feelings of the characters in the novel reminded her how she felt when she was with him. She wondered if he too felt the same thing but shrugged the idea as soon as she thought of that incident. She sighed and returned to her bed. She tried to sleep but all she could think was him and only him. Love cause misery but memories torture you. After a bit of struggle she finally laid herself to rest.

In the morning she woke up and got ready for college. She decided to wear her favorite blue jeans with a blue top that complimented her peaches and milk complexion. Hannah was not one of those skinny girls you see on T.V. and wishes to throw a piece of bread on them. She was a curvaceous woman, woman because even though she was just 20 years of age but mentally and spiritually she was a mature woman. Her mom called her from downstairs, "Breakfast is ready, come down."

"Just a sec," replied Hannah. After her breakfast she bid her mom goodbye and drove to college. "Ah! What should I listen now? Hmmmm... I am feeling okay so I will listen to some Hip Hop," she thought. Music had the ability to manipulate her emotions and she too used Music to strengthen the effects of her emotions. She was so lost in the song, listening and singing it at the same time. She was biting her lips and shaking her head to the beats of the song.

Suddenly, she was stopped in the middle by some cops. She got so nervous by this sudden intrusion that she got out of the car and asked them what the matter was. The cops replied that some emergency has aroused and people are requested to take another route. She nodded and got into her car and drove away.

As soon as she entered the gate of her college, her best friend Rhea greeted her with a big smile. "How you doing buddy?" She asked. "Fine I guess." Hannah replied.

"You don't sound fine, tell me what happened."

"Well, I think some emergency has aroused on the 5th street, the cops were stopping everyone on the street, directing them to take another route."

"Oh, okay. Don 't worry if it was something terrible, our whole college would be talking about it."

"Yeah, I guess."

Suddenly the bell rang interrupting their conversation. The girls followed the crowd entering the class. The students were studying with least interest as usual. Hannah was busy writing what teacher was muttering. Suddenly her eyes moved to the 3rd bench in the first row and all those memories she was trying in vain to avoid came crawling back. She raised her left eyebrow, sighed and continued writing.

"Promise me as long as I am here, we will always remain friends," the voice echoed in her head.

She felt a hand on her shoulder pulling her back to reality, she turned around to see that it was Rhea, smiling. "Class is over madam, shall we go."
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Published: 9/18/2010
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