Someone New

You changed me....
You brushed me away like dirt
Not caring at all, about my hurt
Not caring that you tore my heart
I was left to make a new start
I had no comfort
No peace from this hurt
No hand to hold as I cried myself to sleep
Because my heart you'll always keep
But yours isn't for me, your love isn't there

Even though you don't care
I still want you here
I still want you to hug me close
And kiss me like before
But no, you let me rot to the core
Rotting away
With nothing left to save
Nothing left to keep
As I rot, you can hear me weep
You look at me, with an expression of guilt

But you turn away yet again,
There is no hope
There is no you and me
This is how our fate is to be
As I fade out of your life and into the dark
You start a new beginning like I left no mark
Like I was never there
I watch from away
Yeah, I watch you everyday

Living a different life
I realize how much you changed
I know now
I'm out of your range
It's time to move on
I slowly turn away
I slowly make my way
Out of this pain
Out of this life I live today

I start a new beginning just like you
I turn into someone new
You changed me
Into who I am today
Thank you
For showing me the way,
To be who I am today
Published: 1/8/2011
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