Emerald Eyes - Chapter 8
I don't even think anyone follows this story anymore as it has taken me about a year to post another chapter but I wanted to continue anyway. And from now on, the chapters will be coming, I promise! Anyway, if you do decide to read...
Love Hate (1)
Lia Goldheart's journey.
Dawn - Chapter 10 (Past and Present)
"I am worried Anastasia might do something, I promised her I would marry her but I didn't... I know what she can do, she's dangerous, there's that aura around her... I am scared for our little Dawn she just might attack...
The Suicidal Bathtub
Reader's discretion is advised.
Change the Melody - Epilogue
He had only been gone a week checking on the new site he had to work on out of town and she was already three shades browner than when he had left. Farm life suited her.
Change the Melody - Chapter 23 (Part 2)
There was something different about him, Marie realized later when they sat on the edge of a boardwalk that stretched into part of the lake in the palace gardens.
Change the Melody - Chapter 23 (Part 1)
"We’re spectating the fall of another man," Mark said.
Strings and Stars - Chapter One
From the author of 'Until You', 'Last Chances', 'Battle of the Hearts', 'Winning Hearts', 'Fated Love' & 'Drown Me In Love'.