The Wolf That Terrified Me - Part 1
Katherine is a university student studying to be a teacher. One day, she meets a man who will change her life forever. The only problem is that he isn't just a man. He's also a wolf.
Heroes World: Book 3 - Armistice (Chapter 6)
Alina Veselov training is complete.
Not My Territory - Chapter 8
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This Is How It Happened - Chapter 1
A woman afraid to live. A man determined not to let his disability define him. Love stories happen everyday, but to them this is everything.
Please Don't Marry Me (3)
The pressure of an arranged marriage.
Hansel's Lover - Chapter Ten
With Anna brushing herself with danger twice in a row, she finds Daniel in a dire state inside her house which had somewhat become a battlefield.
Heroes World: Book 3 - Armistice (Chapter 5, Part 1)
Meet the new leader of the Patriots.
Change the Melody - Chapter 20
"I think this might be one of the greatest Balaco performances yet," he said when he looked at his cousins. "As long as we pull it off," Marie said, forcing a smile.