"If I read a book and it makes my whole body so cold no fire can ever warm me, I know that is poetry. If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry. These are the only ways I know it. Is there any other way?" - Emily Dickinson.

Rhythm, rhyme, sound, words, and meaning - poetry brings all of these together to invoke your imagination. An ancient form that has existed for longer than the written language, poetry - in its varied forms - has something for everyone. In this section, we bring you the myriad colors and shades of this beautiful literary form.
Plead to My Child and Our Earth
Pledge to the unborn children of Human race in distant future ahead us and all habitat creatures existing. A pledge to Our Mother Earth, we shall strive to protect her and together be the Guardians of Natural Beauty. The Future...
Not I
Hope you like my poem.
The Stalker's Fool
Sometimes a stalker goes too far.
Carry Go!
On the vehicle to heaven, our plate number should always read CARRY GO! Inspired by God through Jaymikee's song titled 'CARRY GO'.
Beyond me, something made me feel this way.
Landmine Blast
About one-half hour ago, I heard and felt an old landmine combust. About four to six buried landmine bombs exploded in the city of Fredrickson Pierce County Washington.
Let Me Know
When things we do for fun begins to haunt.
A Sense of Nothingness
The title tells it all.
For Sylva and Gold
A parting prayer for my brother and his wife, Mr. and Mrs. Kayode/Wuraola Dasylva.
I'm Still Not Over You
Dedicated to someone who used to have a big place in my heart. Wrote this years ago, pardon me. Write comments.
A God You Will Never Know
My thoughts were wandering over girls who suffer under the hands of their fathers, the pain, the agony....
Please Let Me
It's still about you.
Death It Be
Ending all nows.
My Good Friend
You will be missed.
In Between the Pauses
Rules for making what you have to say worth people's time.
Banner Call
Mr. Cameron pledged new laws to curb the unions and render socialism obsolete... Why let the vulture pick from your corpse?
A Novel World
One of my best friends is moving across the country and she thinks it'll be a positive experience, for the wrong reasons. I want her to know that moving won't solve her problems; I want her to know I'll miss her.
We've Loved You for Seventeen Years
A poem for my brother. We've grown apart in recent years and I can't bear the gap. This poem is a testament to those feelings.
The Pain of Lost Love
A poem expressing the pain of a lost love.
The Fear I Own
This poem is how I felt after two years of staying without talking to my best friend. When I did, I decided to come up with this poem.
Home is a Place to Belong
East or West Home is Home.
I Believe
I am of God and by his grace I'm made to believe.
On Everything This Isn't
Reflections on a relationship with a recent crush.
A Lesson To Us All
Oskar Groening has been convicted. I can only hope that the lesson can be learned by us all.
The Fall Of An Ego (Just Deserts)
Being a God may be overrated.
Mama Hold On
This poem is filled with emotions and thoughts to soothe the pain of losing someone close to your heart. Please leave your feedback.