Poems on Death

"Some of my friends are gone, and some of my friends are sleeping – sleeping the churchyard sleep – the hour of evening is sad – it was once my study hour – my master has gone to rest, and the open leaf of the book, and the scholar at school alone, make the tears come, and I cannot brush them away; I would not if I could, for they are the only tribute I can pay the departed Humphrey" - Emily Dickinson

In Literature, a subject much obsessed over is "death". While you have poets like Sylvia Plath and Christina Rossetti who romanticized the idea of death, you have others like John Donne who were severely pained by the concept of death's finality. And then there were others like Henry Van Dyke and Sara Teasdale who saw death as a doorway to the world of the immortals - as another chapter of being. The interpretation of death is different for every individual. And that is what enables us to evoke and express our pain or understanding of it in the most eloquent manner. Our poets express in their words how thinking about the end affect us all, how beholding the final moments and departure of a beloved scars us for life, and how we gradually learn to cope with the searing pain and grief, moving on to make peace with the inevitable.
The End of That Moon
March is really a tough month, especially getting to the end.
Why Did He Let Me Go?
Ever came so close to death and wondered why you are still alive? Here's an experience with a close accident but death didn't take me.
The voice that I heard everyday has faded into eternity.
Death Is But...
Facing the inevitable.
You Shall Live Forever In My Heart
Into a sacred kingdom, filled in a new world of dreams....
My Ronnie
The loss of a soulmate after thirty-nine plus years.
Cruel Death
A poem cursing the cruelty of death.
They Did This
'I hate him. She did this to me. They all did this to me. I'm depressed, I'm dying. I can't take it anymore.' That's what we all think, but very few people can make a change, some just succumb to the pressure. Those were the only...
To the Man Seated Behind Me in the Theater
Dedicated to the man seated behind me during the Henry V production.
Like Rain She Cries...
From a while back during a dark part of my life.
A Cup of Mead
Poem about a long married couple who had both had enough of their marriage!
A Dirge
Even angels cry.
The Wilting Rose
This is the story of what happens when a rose blooms. It is also the story of what happens when you take someone away from the place they belong.
A Soldier's Lament
Ghostly thoughts from a battlefield.
A Shadow No Longer Cast
A short poem about aging.
What I Should've Not Done: Give Up
Regrets, they kill somebody's dreams. Comment, if you can relate to this. Thanks!
She Needs Someone
Just a little poem I wrote.
Three Years of Silence
Sometimes, we say goodbye to friends, sons, daughters, wives, husbands, loved ones, and others who are very dear to our hearts. When it turns out to be an eternal goodbye, our hopes are lost, and our souls are filled forever with...
Saying Sorry
He hid all his pain from her.
Demon Thief
I wrote this while observing my beautiful son enjoying his music on our deck on a day when his seizures and mini strokes were in check and he was once himself again..