Poems about Dreams and Fantasies

Many people think of poets as quintessentially quirky, who keep oscillating between the real and the fantastical. Well, this is a great place to explore the strange and unusual in poetry. Read our authors' poems about dreams, fantastical journeys, and existing in a limbo.
Within the Third Eye...
A poem about a third conscious mind.
The Fear I Own
This poem is how I felt after two years of staying without talking to my best friend and when we got back, he said he loves me and he thinks I'm so smart from up stares. I never thought we would talk due to some personal reason and...
My Beloved
A poem about my beloved whom I don't know how to explain my feelings too.
Quoth The Raven
A poem influenced by and a tribute to, one Mr. Edgar Allen Poe.
Why I Befriended The Bottle
This is the last day of the year 2014, and I couldn't have lived through this year full of pain and sorrow without this friend.
Let Me Introduce Myself
Does the power of seduction endorse itself on our glorious leaders? Are they truly aware of the dangers? As global warming brings higher tides, greater storms, and drought. The real threat of a meteor strike... the upsurge in...
A frosty tale for Christmas.
Gilbert of Calderwood
A short ballad done in the tradition of a 'ghost story for Christmas'.
On A Glamorous Halloween Night
Three endearing teenage girls, pose lavishly in Disney princess costumes...
McLean's Wager
A Halloween story in verse.
Waning Moon
Even if you're trapped in your cage, you should still dream. If you still have a long way to go, you would be a bigger fool for not chasing your dream. A dream helps you exist.
I'm Sorry I Failed
It's always against our will to fail when it comes to the people in our lives... especially those dear to our hearts.
All I...
This is just something I jotted down in my notebook.... Thought I should share it....
My Dear Crush
For my crush, you know who you are. Comment please.
Glitter with Name
A bright shining start does not only give light but more.
In Search of Light
Often we keep on searching for something outside when, what we need actually lies within us.
What really happened to her?
Unequal World
This is an expression of the feelings of the inequality of life.
Eat Some Curry
Have a day of some R. R curry style.
Your Hand
My own dream.
East of the Moon
Tripping off the edge of the world. The enticement of drugs, the temptation of fools.
My Elusive Friend
Seduced by a She-Devil.
The world tells us that we will never achieve our dreams. It's time we should stand up and say, "Just you watch".
Oh! If Only I Could...
If we all get a second chance, we shall surely make things right, even if we are offered seconds. I hope you will enjoy this. Please read and comment.
Never Give Up, Never Give In
This poem encourages the subject to keep pressing toward the goal or dream without fail. To keep the dream in mind and pursue it all the way to the end. To shut out all the negatives and to feed on the positives.
The Old Days Of Purity
Read and see what you get from it. Thanks.
In My Solitude
A lot goes through our minds when we are alone. These are mine, maybe you share my fate, or you could have your own.
My journey to find my soulmate. Part 1.