Poems on Rite of Passage and Identity

In learning to live and learning who you are, you may be able to relate to others' struggles to discover themselves, grow up, and learn life's important lessons. That's what these poems are about.
Home is a Place to Belong
Home is our strength and shield, our hearts trust in home. Let your thoughts determine the situation, you should never despise where you come from, concentrate on the positive, disregard the negative. What you despise is what might...
I Believe
I am of God and by his grace I'm made to believe.
Is political correctness a tool used by governments to curb the democratic right to free speech?
We always want to be someone else. We're not happy with our lives. We're too scared to be different, and too uncomfortable while aping others. What an impasse we experience.
Lost in Paradise
What's makes a woman different from a man? She's oppressed, suppressed, depressed, and repressed. Achieving a dream for a woman, is an even bigger struggle. Sadly, the world is not going to change anytime soon.
I Made It
I've always been worried about how I would turn out. But it turns out... I made it.
I don't know yet who I want to be.
I've been trying out poetry lately... please tell me what you think and what you got from the poem. All comments, suggestions, or criticisms are appreciated.
The Sea-Maiden
The truth about my heritage.
I accept myself for who I am.
Cast Your Rays, Sunshine...
Just a little harder push, and you'll be there...! Because you'll be proud of yourself. Others will surely follow you.
I'm Now Unchained
A poem about finding freedom from an unfaithful lover.
I'm Hard on Friends
Living and Friendship.
The Flames
The flame calls to me.
New World Order (No Doubt)
A little bit of a political rant.
I'm Not Where I Am Supposed To Be
Feeling unhappy in your life...
When You Feel Useless...
Try this out. It may be your poem...
I Was a Human...
We all work hard to fulfill our ambitions, but sometimes forget that we are compassionate humans.
Life is Not Just...
It's a poem on the law of nature, and pays gratitude for this beautiful life.