Love Poems

Love has the power to make anyone a poet. It compels enamored chords to strum in every heart. Whether it is a thriving romance or a love long-lost, a deep and sincere longing or a young and eager infatuation, there's a poem for every kind. And here's where you'll find them.
Sayonara, My Lovely Friend
They said it's the saddest word ever said. I've not said it yet, but I'm already feeling the pain and sorrow that comes with it.
Come Back If You Can
A very special poem.
Nothing More to Say
Simply a love poem.
You Want Her...
Hope you will enjoy it.
Good to You
Why do we become so stupid when we fall in love? Answer in the comments box. Thanks.
Just some random bit of thought that popped in my head when I was at work.
My first love.
Never trust a demon with your heart.
All About My Momma
This is a poem about my mother.
Bleeding Angel
Demons are the worst kind of lovers.
It's The Way You Make Me Feel
'Get lost' is what I want to say to you! I hope you will enjoy it.
Halls of Wonder
This is my first poem. I am only 12 years old, and I hope you guys enjoy. This poem is something I feel everyday when I walk through the halls of my school.
The real love story of life.
A Sense of Desperation
"A poem I wrote a long time ago, about my aching heart. I was so troubled then... and nobody knew. They were just outsiders looking in. They had no clue what my 5 year relationship was like."
Catch ME When I Fall
''Yes, it's great to have someone adore you, but it's more important to find the things in yourself that makes you special and adorable.'' Let me know what you think.
Will You Ever Find a Way Back To Me?
Read and find out... I am not quite sure myself.
Whenever we fall in love with someone, he/she becomes our thought, the reason for our thinking. Without them, our minds are empty.
Love at Second Sight
A simple love poem. She Said I was an Angel.
A Piece of Me, You will Always Have
For the man I love, and always will.
My Everything
My Everything, is about one who gives me everything I'll ever need from any woman and this poem is for her.
The Idol I Am Indebted To
There comes a time in life when we have to let go of things that mattered most to us and allow fate to play. Dedicated to my friends UD Friday, Paul J, Aham Christy, Faith Michael, and you. I'm gonna miss you.
High and Mighty
Just a poem about a situation I'm in.
Where are the Days?
A poem... asking what happened?
As Time Passes By
I find no point, but still I try and try.