Love Poems

Love has the power to make anyone a poet. It compels enamored chords to strum in every heart. Whether it is a thriving romance or a love long-lost, a deep and sincere longing or a young and eager infatuation, there's a poem for every kind. And here's where you'll find them.
My Foolish Pride
A deep regret.
My Pride, My Lost
When love stares right at your face, spend a moment and consider it, lest you lose a precious pearl.
Dost Thou Apprehend?
You chose her... again.
My Heart Stimulates A Poetic Melody
I still sense that tingling sensation, as if it were my very first...
The Girl Who Never Returned
This is a poem composed by me. It describes the first love between two youngsters, both visiting Delhi for the first time. It is a simple story about love at first sight and how a true lover patiently awaits the return of his...
Love Bites
Blergh with Nannu and my leg.
When Will You Admit?
A poem of love.
Love is You
A short, simple love poem.
Bullet in My Chest
The pain of a lost love.
I Do, I Do
A poem about a feeling of love.
We Cannot Live Another Lie
It stood the tests of time and now its still standing.
Dearest Friend
For a friend who is going though some tough times.
Mystic Ocean
About my best mate Shane he's been here for me through thick and thin. love you Shane
The Man I Thought I Knew...
About how a lover cheats on their spouse and how the spouse has to continue on without them anymore (they break up).
Feeling the Love
Love you...
That Inevitable Outcome
The deep regret of a lost and lonely soul.
Too Much Blood
This should probably have a trigger warning....
Nothing Compared To You
You want me to find 'the one' for me. You never know it was you.
Nothing To You
How much time does it take to heal wounds of the heart?
The perfection of a moment.
I Love You the Way No One Knows
It's about me when I lost my best friend on June 18, 2012. How I felt lost and alone. Never knew how I was going to be ok.
Affection In Love
Affection in love is hard to bear.
Sayonara, My Lovely Friend
They said it's the saddest word ever said. I've not said it yet, but I'm already feeling the pain and sorrow that comes with it.
Come Back If You Can
A very special poem.
Nothing More to Say
Simply a love poem.