Poems about Nature

From Wordsworth to Eliot, Dickinson to Frost, the most well-known of poets have been inspired by nature in their works. Our authors follow their footsteps to express how they have been influenced.
When The Sunset Shields
A blissful gate to heaven....
Air Brushed In a White Winter Wonderland
Streets and tree branches engage in a heavenly show....
This one is old, I wrote it back in elementary school... along with a haiku about frogs.... that one was really cute.
A Man-Eat-Man World
A poem on the nature of human beings, harming others at chance.
Kissed by a Glimpse of Starlight
Prismatic petals, escapes a fulfilling sweetness in the air.....
After a Bashful Touch of Rain Showers
Their petals slowly wave in the dulcet breeze....
Nature's Abundance
Wrote this quite a long time ago.
Jungle Weed or Tumbleweed
Our choices in life.
The Road
This poem is part of a project of mine to help children in poverty in Ghana. I have some vague ideas, but please list some more in the comments section.
Those Who Can't Learn
Will we ever learn?
Hi, I'm new here and so here's a poem that I wrote ages ago...
The Dark Figure I Saw
Walking by me... my shadow. Please comment and enjoy!
Nature's Symphony
Thunder and lightning are such attention hogs. Just a poem trying to capture their performance.
Desert Rain
I live in a desert but it's not home.
The Fallen Leaves
With the approach of winter, there is a change in nature.
To the Waterfall
Written to commemorate my mountain climbing at Erin Ijesha Waterfall/s with other students of the English department in Redeemer's University.
Life Lives in a Garden
A poem on the calming effect of a garden.
A poem about the month which brings us spring.