Poems about Nature

From Wordsworth to Eliot, Dickinson to Frost, the most well-known of poets have been inspired by nature in their works. Our authors follow their footsteps to express how they have been influenced.
After a Bashful Touch of Rain Showers
Their petals slowly wave in the dulcet breeze....
Nature's Abundance
Wrote this quite a long time ago.
Jungle Weed or Tumbleweed
Our choices in life.
The Road
This poem is part of a project of mine to help children in poverty in Ghana. I have some vague ideas, but please list some more in the comments section.
Those Who Can't Learn
Will we ever learn?
Hi, I'm new here and so here's a poem that I wrote ages ago...
The Dark Figure I Saw
Walking by me... my shadow. Please comment and enjoy!
Nature's Symphony
Thunder and lightning are such attention hogs. Just a poem trying to capture their performance.
Desert Rain
I live in a desert but it's not home.
The Fallen Leaves
With the approach of winter, there is a change in nature.
To the Waterfall
Written to commemorate my mountain climbing at Erin Ijesha Waterfall/s with other students of the English department in Redeemer's University.
Life Lives in a Garden
A poem on the calming effect of a garden.
A poem about the month which brings us spring.
Winter Blues
Winter can drag on and bring the blues.
Softly Falling Rain
Nothing like gentle rain to bring on daydreams.
Ice Flowers
The beauty of ice flowers on a frozen windowpane.
The Tree of Hopes and Dreams
The tree that gauges everything.
Dedication to the Lord
This poem will make it surprisingly simple to understand that the Lord (God) is with us and helps us at all times.