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Change the Melody - Chapter 5
"Are all the girls that study here like you when you get to know them or are you just a particular kind of weirdo?" He didn't expect her to pause and actually think about this but she did. "Both," Marie decided...
Change the Melody - Chapter 4
Derek was the type of guy who awoke something in you that was terrifying and exciting at the same time, but that terrifying part fell away the moment he opened his mouth and you realized with both glee and disappointment that his...
Not My Territory - Chapter 2
This chapter is kind of short, but hopefully it'll allow you to get an idea of the characters and what to expect. Also I included comment replies and I will be posting the next chapter of 'My Inner Beast' soon as well.
Pins and Needles: Chapter 5 (Golden Eyes and Tattoos)
Ivy has spent her whole life trying to overcome her demons and her past. She's built up a wall to numb everything. Until a jerk walks into her life and she starts to lose control. What if the way back to herself is through a...
Emerald Eyes (Chapter 7, Part 1)
It's been awhile but yes, I will be continuing Emerald Eyes. Here is Chapter 7 Part 1, please feel free to leave your comments!
Is Love the Only Magic Pill to Make a Relationship Work?
Love's tangles are complex and convoluted... it is only with good sense and timing can you untangle them.
Change the Melody - Chapter 3
"Well, I couldn’t ask you out in front of my grandmother. She’d start planning our wedding on the spot," he said casually. "Actually, she warned me against you." He pulled away a bit. "Did she now?"
Dawn - Chapter 9 (An Unexpected Turn)
Mia finally finds love... But what will Mia do if her destiny as belonging to Roberto is inevitable? Would she be able to tell Roberto about Sonya conspiracy? Can Mia and her love have a future?
Pins and Needles: Chapter 4 (The Birthday)
Ivy has spent her whole life trying to overcome her demons and her past. She's built up a wall to numb everything. Until a jerk walks into her life and she starts to lose control. What if the way back to herself is through a...
J: Chapter 1
Here is the first chapter to the newly revised 'J'. Hope you enjoy it and remember this is just the beginning. Let me know your thoughts!
After Dawn - Chapter 18
I'm sorry for the delay... this is a short chapter, but I think it has the right amount of drama in it... Christian finally knows Isadora's secret.. #2 chapters to go???.. Leave a comment.
A Soulmate
Memories of my last moments with him.
Change the Melody - Chapter 2
He wasn't sure what it was about her exactly, maybe it was the blue cotton dress or the soft cheeks or the curious eyes, but there was nothing that drew her to him in that shop. She was beautiful, no doubt. But she had an innocence...
Not My Territory - Chapter 1
What happens when an abused daughter is saved from death, by a wealthy family in... the middle of the woods? And to make matters more confusing, her fantasized 'dream' boy is... real?! NEW STORY! Thoughts?
Change the Melody - Chapter 1
From the distance she was standing, half hidden by one of the displays and with him turned to face the girl behind the counter - who was miraculously invigorated from the jaded state Marie had found her in - it was difficult to...
New Story - An Update from Simone Reeds
Title to be decided soon. Kind of a spin-off from "It's Royally Complicated".
Fix'd - Chapter 10
Briana fixes things, that is her superpower. She can fix a person, she can fix a situation, but she can't fix herself. What happens when a town full of secrets, lies, and shame comes to the light? How can she fix that?
Farewell for Now, My Forever
Losing the person you love the most is never easy.
Triple Drama (28, Part 2)
Nicole Stanley: Look before you leap. Aislinn King: Live every moment to the fullest. Bailey (Blair) McCown: Life sucks - deal with it. With mottoes like those, it's a shock when these three wind up discovering they are triplets,...
Author's Note - 'A Story Where The Narrator Falls in Love With You'
(That title is a mouthful)... Some big changes are coming!
After Dawn - Chapter 17
3 more chapters to go!!! Please, please leave a comment, thank you.
Never Felt This Way Before: (My Love Life) - Chapter 3
Hey guys. So, I had entirely stopped writing this story and it has been quite a while. But I decided to continue it again. This was previously titled "My Love Life", but I also decided to change the title. I hope you guys...
Dark Twisted Love: Slow Down (3)
"Love hurts whether it is right or wrong." Unfortunately life isn't a fairytale and love isn't always beautiful. Warning: This chapter has some mature content. Read with discretion.
Willing to Trust Again - Chapter 21
There you go. Please comment if you want me to continue.
This Story is Not About the Girl Only
There is another story beyond the story.