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Airplane Wish - Chapter Four
The party.... finally.
Note from Author Meeth Srivastava
For all those who read, commented, critiqued, and enjoyed my stories. For our online audience, the spectators of our stories.
Rescuing Love - Chapter 9
Aura awaits Julian at the hills, wondering if fate would bring these lovers together...
Dawn - Chapter 4 (Lies and Betrayals)
Was Mia being lied and betrayed all her life by Roberto or is it something else... Are dark forces playing with Mia's life and dream to see the dawn?!
Forgotten Husband - Chapter Ten
Sorry again for the delay. Please read the details, few highlights and revelations...
It's All Greek (2)
Nerita, sorry some parts are in broken Greek. I tried to translate them in English.
Reborn in the Darkness
A story of a high school girl who happens to step in the dark forest because of a prank played by her own schoolmates at night and returns changed in the morning. Please comment.
Isabelle - Chapter 18
Sorry for the long wait guys.
Wedding Anniversary Mystery
Unfortunate events separate a loving husband and wife on their wedding anniversary.
It's All Greek (1)
An arranged marriage between American born Greek culture and Greece born culture.
Scars And A Daisy - Chapter Forty Two
The final chapter! Jeremy and Brookie come home from the wedding!
Forgotten Husband - Chapter Nine
Sorry again, but me and my daughter had the Viral infection together. It was good to write again....
An Update about 'Love and Hate'
I'm sorry I still haven't posted. But before you kill me let me explain.
Feline's Favor
It's a story wherein an unconditional deed is prized! A girl gets rescued by a black cat in exchange for the love the girl gave her through food. Black cats are always cursed as an evil or the one who brings evil and bad luck, but...
Author's Note - Mystery Writer
Update about my challenge
A Note from Author of 'Forgotten Husband'
Delay in posting new story. Please wait till I come back soon.
Dawn - Chapter 3 (Humiliation, Ethan and Others)
What will next happen in Mia's life?
The Idiot
To some, philanthropy is a way to evade paying taxes, to others, it's a way to pretend to be merciful. But to some, it's their lifeline. Anvi always called Samhar an idiot. Until his kindness makes her obligated to repay him, she...
Scars And A Daisy - Chapter Forty One
Chris and Lottie's wedding!