Short Stories and Fiction

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How Are You?
Teenage cyber love.
With Love... From Favour Ekanem
A note to my readers and comment replies.
The Weird Neighborhood - Chapter 6, Part 2
Part 2, please do read and comment. Can Felicia and Alec be friends?
Kiss With Respect
Give respect and take respect.
Love in 1977 - Chapter 11
She yelled and screamed, but I held fast telling her that I didn't think we were safe here and that I didn't want to dance in a strip club just because she couldn't get along with Grandma.
Scars And A Daisy - Chapter Five
Partying it up! I don't have a picture for this chapter.
The First One - Chapter Four
Hey guys, here's the new chapter. I tried something new and I hope you'll like it. I won't be able to write anything for the next week, so I made this chapter longer than usual. So read and enjoy. Oh and leave comments please....
Confessions of a Color-blind Mind: A Short Story
The world was always black and white in her eyes. It was not until she met him that she saw the world in all its vibrant colors. Since then, she comes back at the exactly the same restaurant just to see him. Through ever passing...
Emotionally Tired - Chapter 1
Ups and downs. We'll see where this goes.
The Signature
A signature changed my life totally.
Rosa is Back: Author of 'You Remembered?' and 'So What's Your Point?'
Update, Update! Good and bad news (if still alive!). ROSA is back! Author of "You Remembered?"and "So What's Your Point?"
L3+S - Chapter 16
Uh-oh, a slut's on stage...
Just One Reason
Nobody can change a person but someone can be the reason for a person to change.
Note - Anne's Powers, a Sequel?
Should there be a sequel?
The Weird Neighborhood - Chapter 6
The story begins now! Let's see what happens over the dinner?
Apotheosis: Chapter Five (The Queen's Will)
He would have to kill her too. No, he would not harm her. He would find a solution.
Note from Joyful Flower
Please give me some ideas.
Apotheosis: Chapter Four (Eyes of Azellick)
Vorin was faster. Lightning tore from his fingertips like yellow blades, tearing through the air.
The First One - Chapter Three
I'm so sorry, it took me so long to continue, but I had a very hard time these past months. I hope you'll forgive me. Enjoy this chapter and leave comments please.
A Third Chance at First Love - Chapter Three
They were the ones who everyone thought would be together, but one fateful day changed everything. After five years, Erin Grey meets the young handsome doctor - and she has no intention of letting him in her life. Of course, he...