Short Stories and Fiction

This section is a perfect break from the maddening rush of your daily lives. Explore stories of every kind: action, adventure, romance, suspense, fantasy, and others. Their perfect length makes a quick read possible anytime, anywhere.
Top-notch - 30-Day Challenge: Day Six
Hit shuffle on your Mp3 player. Use the third song as inspiration for a short story. Include a lyric in your story. I used 'Manchester Orchestra - Top notch.'
Bears - 30-Day Challenge: Day Five
Write a short story from a dream or nightmare you have had.
It was More Fun in Hell
Another creepy story.
Running - 30-Day Challenge: Day Four
Write a story or excerpt that involves a toe-poking out of a sock. This one was interesting haha! Thank you all for reading, I hope to see some other 30 Day Challengers in future.
Prognosis - 30-Day Challenge: Day Three
Write a story that takes place in an airport. I have revisited my characters from day one. Hope you all enjoy, feel free to comment, praise or criticism :)
Complicated Love - Chapter 2
Izzy starts to get really frustrated with Cameron's idiotic ways. And at the party, he does something that is just unacceptable in Izzy's books. Do you think he deserves to be forgiven? Read Chapter 2 of 'Complicated Love' to find...
Grim's Love - Chapter 7
I've changed the title of the story. It used to be 'Grim Reaper's Love' but I figured the word 'reaper' is unnecessary, so now it is called 'Grim's Love.'
Memories - 30-Day Challenge: Day Two
Tells about a character who has lost something important to them.
Torches - 30-Day Challenge: Day One
Select a book at random. Find a novel or short story and copy the last line to use as the first line for a new short story.
Elemental - Chapter 2
I'm sorry for not updating in so long.
Complicated Love - Chapter 1
Izzy Weaver could not understand why her twin brother's best friend, Cameron Hart, was so hung up on her. After years of teasing and flirting on Cameron's behalf Izzy starts to actually feel something for Cam. Was she starting to...
Supernatural Side - Chapter Twenty Four
Not wrote in a while, hope you like it...
Airplane Wish - Chapter Ten
The meeting with the ball planning committee.....
Arms Race - Chapter 16
Jessica D finally reunites with Kid Supreme
The Colors Hold the Clues - Chapter 9
The fall fair's coming up! A little description of the characters on Anna's point of view.
Story of a Not-So-Romantic-Girl - Chapter 9 (Part 2)
Sorry it took a little long but here is the rest of chapter 9 'Friends'.
Against my Instinct
A short story filled with suspense and drama, and an instinct to survive. Action parked. Kate makes a choice that forever hunts her. She didn't have to, but she wanted to And she paid, in full!
A Love to Remember - Chapter 16
A long lovely chapter awaiting for you readers... and response.
Thinking Out Loud
Short story of a man on his anniversary....
Welcome to My World of Cliché (3)
So... this is a pretty dark, depressing chapter. Enjoy.
The Imperfect Utopia - Chapter Five (Final)
The fifth and final chapter in my schoolwork story.