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This Is How It Happened - Chapter 1
A woman afraid to live. A man determined not to let his disability define him. Love stories happen everyday, but to them this is everything.
Please Don't Marry Me (3)
The pressure of an arranged marriage.
Hansel's Lover - Chapter Ten
With Anna brushing herself with danger twice in a row, she finds Daniel in a dire state inside her house which had somewhat become a battlefield.
Heroes World: Book 3 - Armistice (Chapter 5, Part 1)
Meet the new leader of the Patriots.
Change the Melody - Chapter 20
"I think this might be one of the greatest Balaco performances yet," he said when he looked at his cousins. "As long as we pull it off," Marie said, forcing a smile.
Change the Melody - Chapter 19
"Marie’s here." Derek’s heart instantly began to hammer in a mixture of suspense and excitement.
Please Don't Marry Me (2)
The pressure of an arranged marriage.
Please Don't Marry Me (1)
A story that explores the pressure of an arranged marriage.
Would You Rather? (6 and 7)
Sorry for the long wait! Here's two chapters to make up for it!
Heroes World: Book 3 - Armistice (Chapter 4)
The Warrior Princess Alina sets her plan in motion.
Hansel's Lover - Chapter Nine
Anna woke up to find that the virus to merely be a mimic of what they had previously believed it to be. She realized then, that the worse is just about to come.
Hansel's Lover - Chapter Eight
While inside isolation, Anna receives a call from Daniel - a conversation longed with regrets, pain, and a goodbye.
Heroes World: Book 3 - Armistice (Chapter 3)
Noah Lennox for Vice President.
Change the Melody - Chapter 18
"We can still be friends, right?"
Not My Territory - Chapter 7
Maybe a bit shorter than previous ones but still necessary.
The Death Whisperer - Will He Show Up At Your Party?
Listen to Him Before You Climb Mount Everest.
The Supernatural Side - Chapter Four
Katarina's side of the story...
Hansel's Lover - Chapter Seven
In a desperate attempt to save a doctor from her clinic, Anna pursues the illogical.
The Supernatural Side - Chapter Two
Short chapter and enjoy...
The Supernatural Side - Chapter One
The beginning of something... (Guys i updated this and will be updating the whole story!!)