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My Inner Beast - Chapter 30, Part 2
"Welcome to Shifter's headquarters!" Please tell me your opinions on what happened here and provide suggestions.
Brutal Love Triangle - Chapter 5
Sorry for the delay, hope you all are liking my story. Enjoy the next chapter... you see more mystery coming on the way.
When Fate Calls - Chapter 1
How far you would go? How much will you fight? When your biggest enemy is Fate itself.
All's Fair... - Chapter 3
"I'm serious, Pierce. This is the big one. You can't make even a single slip up. Don't take any unnecessary chances. Don't waste any time. Get out as soon as possible. Don't get caught."
My Inner Beast - Chapter 30, Part 1
Pretty short chapter. But it's an intro into some action parts. I'm sorry for the wait. Please comment!
Dawn - Chapter 5 (The Ball…)
Mia has to find a way to find dawn, and exposing Roberto is one step in her search and Mia has to go to the ball to find evidence against Roberto. But would her search lead her to something else... something she has not expected...
Airplane Wish - Chapter Five
The party continues and we meet David.
All's Fair... - Chapter 2
She wouldn’t back off. "It’s okay, I won’t hurt you." That’s not what I’m worried about, Pierce thought.
All's Fair... - Prologue
A quick summary of the history of the separation between Aranains and Guirons.
Dawn - Chapter 4 (Lies and Betrayals)
Was Mia being lied and betrayed all her life by Roberto or is it something else... Are dark forces playing with Mia's life and dream to see the dawn?!
Wilkens - Chapter 3
There are weird happenings and findings in the little town of Wilkens, and Anne along with her little sister Briana are caught right in the rip tide of it all.
All's Fair... - Chapter 1
First attempt at a kind of "edgy" romance story (that's actually a pun - you guys will realize during this chapter). There's so much to play with and so restricted at the same time, but it's a lot of fun for me. Hope you...
Mr. President
Just something I came up with on the fly! Young, inexperienced, and single congressman Jason Ackerman is now in-charge of the USA after a tragedy has struck the nation. He must run the country, find the American traitor, and...
Tarnished - Chapter 60
Joe comes to pick up his truck, and Viola takes a shopping trip.
Tarnished - Chapter 59
Welcome back to the Tarnished Team. Thanks for your patience. A soft chapter to ease you back into it.
A Message from the Author of Tarnished
Thieving writers beware...
Airplane Wish - Chapter Four
The party.... finally.
Note from Author Meeth Srivastava
For all those who read, commented, critiqued, and enjoyed my stories. For our online audience, the spectators of our stories.
Rescuing Love - Chapter 9
Aura awaits Julian at the hills, wondering if fate would bring these lovers together...