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Sing Me That Lullaby - Chapter Forty Five
Shall I stay? Would it be a sin?
Scars And A Daisy - Chapter Twenty One
Brookie and Jeremy finally talk.
Sing Me That Lullaby - Chapter Forty Four
Rain, rain, go away... Never come back or you'll make me want to stay.
Love Never Ends - Part One
The everyday life of me and thorns.
My Inner Beast - Chapter 23, Part 2
I'm sorry, I had to beg the nurses to allow me to even get time to type. Please comment!
One Fatal Mistake - Chapter 8
Surprise... surprise.
The Unseen - Chapter 6
Anya has left Bob and Alonzo and decided to take responsibility by herself. Can she really take care of Daisy on her own or is something waiting for them in the other side? Keep reading because the unseen is about to be... REVEALED.
Scars And A Daisy - Chapter Twenty
Jeremy asks Brookie to come over
Arranged What! - Chapter 1
Hi guys, I know it's been awhile, but I'm back now! The meeting part 1 ???
The Wolf Girl Next Door (2)
Hi, thank you all for reviewing my stories, hope you enjoy the chapter and let me know what you think.
The Unseen - Chapter 5
Asad Omar, thank you for commenting. Truly made me smile. I get excited to know who are my readers. Please, please vote in the poll! Everyone's opinion is valuable to me. Enjoy this short chapter.
Collateral Effects - Chapter 3
Years ago he encountered with a book which was written on ancient civilizations. There was written the history of lost civilization in the desert of Judean desert. When he saw the necklace that was fallen from the neck of the...
The Mystery Man - Chapter 11: The Theme Park
The Heat is now gathering. Events start rocking the City. The Mystery Man seems to gather admirers wherever he goes. There are others who now want to know what is happening. The otherwise peace-loving city now gets into action.
Dreamseller - Part Two of Three
Trishna mesmerized by the Voice and then the surroundings is undecided between the real world and the World of Dreamseller. Life was ending anyway, so should she go for the option proposed by the Dreamseller. Will she agree or not?...
Request from Gowtham Lcs
Need your help with the story.
America Vs. Britain
Read as America and Britain battle about which word is 'correct'. It's a classic argument written in a clear, easy playscript!
Moments - Chapter Three
Ava has always been in love with Carter. They were childhood sweethearts, destined in her mind to be together. After ten years, Carter does the unthinkable and cheats on Ava, ruining their relationship and leaving her out in the...
Author's Note by Mystery Writer
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The Unseen - Chapter 3
Thanks Miha and thinkerbelle77 for being the first person to comment on my story. You have seriously made my day! I'm very excited to know that someone really enjoyed my first chapter. It is great motivation! I sure will continue....
Mighty Mosquito - Part 4 (The End)
Sorry friends for submitting the story too late.
Two Forever - Chapter 5
Alice is just a regular senior. She's sweet, beautiful (in her own way), smart, nice, friendly... pretty much your average girl-next-door. She loves her boyfriend Matt, and she hates arrogant people like Cassie (the school's...
Dreamseller - Part One of Three
Trishna awaits her death sentence in her cell as the most unusual thing happens. A mist carries her to a different world. Is this where she wanted to go and is this world for real?
The Unseen - Chapter 2
Thanks to all you who voted on my poll. Here is the second chapter. I promise it's going to get better. This is just the beginning. Please leave feedback/comments. I would really appreciate it.
Coming 'Home' - Chapter 4
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Vampire Wars - Chapter Two
Silver is misbehaved, and probably one of the best 'Vampire Wars' ever. But what secret is her family hiding from the highest Vampire Slaying Council?