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Would You Rather? (6 and 7)
Sorry for the long wait! Here's two chapters to make up for it!
Heroes World: Book 3 - Armistice (Chapter 4)
The Warrior Princess Alina sets her plan in motion.
Hansel's Lover - Chapter Nine
Anna woke up to find that the virus to merely be a mimic of what they had previously believed it to be. She realized then, that the worse is just about to come.
Hansel's Lover - Chapter Eight
While inside isolation, Anna receives a call from Daniel - a conversation longed with regrets, pain, and a goodbye.
Heroes World: Book 3 - Armistice (Chapter 3)
Noah Lennox for Vice President.
Change the Melody - Chapter 18
"We can still be friends, right?"
Not My Territory - Chapter 7
Maybe a bit shorter than previous ones but still necessary.
The Death Whisperer - Will He Show Up At Your Party?
Listen to Him Before You Climb Mount Everest.
The Supernatural Side - Chapter Four
Katarina's side of the story...
Hansel's Lover - Chapter Seven
In a desperate attempt to save a doctor from her clinic, Anna pursues the illogical.
The Supernatural Side - Chapter Two
Short chapter and enjoy...
The Supernatural Side - Chapter One
The beginning of something... (Guys i updated this and will be updating the whole story!!)
Hansel's Lover - Chapter Six
After the death of her childhood friend, Anna receives a letter that opens up a new possibility from the ones she was inclining herself to believe. However, new discoveries come with new responsibilities.
Change the Melody - Chapter 17 (Part 2)
What was this? His chest ached in a way he hadn't experienced before. He held her tighter as a fear gripped at him, fear that when he opened his eyes she would somehow vanish. "You're important to me too," he heard...
Heroes World: Book 3 - Armistice (Chapter 1)
Meet A-Rod, a young man who wants to take charge of his life, that is if he lives long enough.
All Perfectly Well - Chapter 1
Finally! Here's chapter 1 of my new story... PS. Share me your thoughts. :)
Hansel's Lover - Chapter Five
As Daniel left for his assignment, Anna is met with a different situation - one more painful than finding out about her father's disappearance.
Love My Love
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Not My Territory - Chapter 6
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Pins and Needles: Chapter 9
Deeper connections are made between Jace and Ivy.
Change the Melody - Chapter 17 (Part 1)
It was like her aura consisted of some chemical compound that affected his willpower and sensible thinking. He was a dead man if he didn’t do something soon, he was well aware of it.