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Emerald Eyes (Chapter 4)
Here is Chapter 4! Please don't forget to leave your comments! Thank you.
Forgotten Husband - Chapter Two
More about Kavya and Akshat....
Ice Heart - Chapter 3
And so here it is, chapter 3. I do hope that you guys will enjoy it.
Emerald Eyes (Chapter 3, Part 2)
Thank you to those who commented! Here is Part 2 of Chapter 3. Enjoy!
My Inner Beast - Chapter 26
Please comment. Short chapter.
Goddess By Mistake - Chapter One: Let It Land
"Stand down, we want the woman behind you," one of the men, an intimidating one, ordered Akila who tensed in front of her. "By order of His Majesties, King Hatshepsut and King Thutmose III, you will hand her over to...
Ice Heart - Chapter 2
And I present to you, my wonderful readers, chapter 2 of my new and first story.
Ice Heart - Chapter 1
Hello everyone! I'm a new author here at iBuzzle and I do hope that the stories that I typed here on iBuzzle will make you absolutely happy. If there is something that I should be fixing on my story, please do comment.
Emerald Eyes (Chapter 3, Part 1)
Please, please, please comment! Thank you! This chapter is cut off because I didn't have the next half in time, so it'll be on the next post!
Emerald Eyes (Chapter 2)
Comments would be greatly appreciated!
Emerald Eyes
I'm back!
Flash - Prologue
A very successful model has to confront his dysfunctional family after a tragedy strikes, causing him to relive parts of his past.
The Fangs - Prologue
This is a little something that I started and don't know whether I want to finish. It's a story about vampires and the likes blending into society...
Imitation Of Strength - Part 2
Carmen was every parent's wet dream now she's what you'd call a rebel. She lives on the edge trying to forget about the people she used to call her friends. Afraid to succumb to the pain caused by the sudden betrayal, she parties...
Struck by Lightning - Chapter 1
Meet Annie, a normal freshman in college who has a strong liking for lightning. Although her struggles in school cause her unhappiness, she finds it quite stress relieving to dance in the rain, until a storm hits.
Of Seafaring Men
Now, this one is one of my most recent. I haven't had much motivation to write recently. Of seafaring men follows a young girl named Felicia. She... well I guess I should let you read the story.
Fly Forever in the Clouds
A story of a girl who decides to let go of all of her bottled up emotions. What happens when she says enough is enough?
My Inner Beast - Chapter 25, Part 2
More about Mr. Dumant. Secrets revealed. What's really going on? Short chapter.
New Girl - Chapter Eighteen
Alexis finds herself regretting past actions, so what better to do than to make Amen? To my fellow new readers, you're more than welcome to join us in this journey by simply reading "New Girl" from Chapter 1!
Choice of the Prince
A story on African love and the turn around point for gender biases.
Scars And A Daisy - Chapter Thirty
Brookie needs to talk to her parents.
The Supernatural Side - Chapter Twenty
I'm starting to write more for you guys.... Please comment and do poll. Thanks enjoy.