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We Are Not Alone
Life is actually more beautiful and livable than we think it is.
Apotheosis: Chapter Ten (Unworthy)
Vorin would have shown him mercy. But this was not Vorin, not truly.
The Weird Neighborhood - Chapter 8, Part 1
Another chapter... this part is short, but I'll be posting the rest of the chapter soon.
Apotheosis: Chapter Nine (Bliss)
Tears fought to leave her pale gray eyes as she thought of her brother and her parents. She needed to forget.
Apotheosis: Chapter Eight (Dreaming of Nightmares)
She felt sad as she turned to find the source of the beam. Her eyes widened, wet with tears.
One record became reason to create many records.
Deadly Lust - Chapter 16
Hey guys, I hope you like this chapter and please comment.
Apotheosis: Chapter Seven (Whispers of a Sword)
He stared into her horror-filled blue eyes and it was there... Vorin saw his own eyes. His eyes were different. They were not the usual golden when he used this power. They were black, a red eight-pointed star within them, a...
Ashes to Ashes - Chapter 24
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Isabelle - Chapter 6
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Isabelle - Chapter 5
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My Inner Beast - Chapter 19
I know, I took long, but my explanation is valid. In this chapter, revelations, revelations, and revelations!
Scars And A Daisy - (Character Guide)
My sister suggested I make a character guide to help you all remember who is who in the upcoming chapters!
The Book of Your Man - Prologue
After getting rejected by a lot of guys, will Elise Halton be capable of finding her own man?
The Weird Neighborhood - Chapter 7, Part 2
Let's see what Alec will do?
Breathe Again - Part 3
The realization that she is about to die in a few days makes Leah understand the importance of remembering her past. A spell will finally reveal the memories she has forgotten long ago, as well as the man she was never meant to...
Note from the Author Lucy Lucy
I wish I had many more hours a day than just 24.
Apotheosis: Chapter Six (The Ruined Keep)
All fell silent as he carved away at the statue, all but a faint ringing, and in that ringing he could almost hear him.
Support your Country
"Be the change that you want to see in this world." - M. K. Gandhi.
Breathtaking - Chapter 5
The next chapter would be posted tomorrow and it will be awesome..
The Weird Neighborhood - Chapter 7, Part 1
Stefanie confronts Alec with an important question, "Why did he call her Felicia?"
How Are You?
Teenage cyber love.
With Love... From Favour Ekanem
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