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Behind the Curious Mind of Ferris Bloom - Chapter Twenty Four
Okay, I'm being honest here. I didn't know what I was thinking in having Ferris and Kitty's little romance escalate so quickly. (Don't blame me, I was in middle school!) So, I deleted the Twenty-Fourth Chapter and decided to...
Something New, Something Blue - Prologue
Thinking of starting to write again. Let me know what you think!
You Remembered... Nothing? - Chapter 7
Haven't done one forever! Hopefully, this is decent.
A Love to Remember - Chapter 13
Read to know what Fred and Jane plan for their future. Will they confess their love for each other!!
Message To All iBuzzle Authors!
From yours truly, Attention S.
Brutal Love Triangle - Chapter 6
It's spreading in the air...
The Supernatural Side - Chapter Twenty Three
Not wrote in a while, so hope this makes up for it.
Update: I am Back!
Had a bit of an issue, but I am working it out.
Note: Scars And A Daisy Sequel
Information about the 'Scars And A Daisy' Sequel. Please read!
The Clockwork - Chapter 5
Here is chapter 5! Sorry if it took me a while to post this chapter. Enjoy!
My Inner Beast - Chapter 31, Part 1
Happy New Year's to you all! Hope you have a great year, wishing you all prosperity and happiness this year. This is only a short intro into Vince and Amelia's trials.
Airplane Wish - Chapter Seven
Katia tells Becky of her decision. And we meet someone new.
The Clockwork - Chapter 4
Here is chapter 4! It's so hot lately that I feel like I'm going to melt at any second. Hahaha, plus lately I've been playing this game Candy Crush Soda Saga. So fun!
Bringing Vampires to Life
Every girl loves vampire. They're such fantastical creatures, only problem is, it's hard to imagine them living amongst us. But what if they could somehow be made more real?
The Clockwork - Chapter 3
Woohoo chapter 3!! I'm so glad I received such great comments from my beautiful readers. I'm so so happeh! Thank you so so much! Please continue supporting my story!
The Clockwork - Chapter 2
Here's my second chapter of my new story. I do hope that you guys will enjoy it!
The Menagerie of My Life - Halloween Special (Part 2 of 2)
Matt finds out that things can take a turn for the worse pretty quickly, especially on Halloween night.
The Clockwork - Chapter 1
Happy New Year everyone! May luck and happiness come to you in this new year and that you will have a blast. I'm a new author and this is my new story. I do hope you guys will enjoy it. My first story of 2015, haha hooray!
Dawn - Chapter 6 (The Hidden Door, Dawn…)
Is there a chance for Mia to find Dawn? Will her dream finally come true?