Short Stories and Fiction

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Note From the Author of 'Vampire Lore'
Preview of my second try of 'Vampire Lore' with a twist. The name is changing, the characters are going to be getting a character lift and I will be telling the story as my characters lead it.
Everything in One Hour: Love or Madness - A Short Story
Warning: This contains violence, mature language, and some very upsetting scenes. You need to be 18 or older to read this or have parental guidance.
After Dawn - Chapter 13
So sorry about the delay... do leave a comment.
Chasing Ms. Universe - Chapter 7
Abram and 'Alex' take their friendship to the next level.
Airplane Wish - Chapter Twelve
The rest of the weekend trip to Bel and a little flashback...
My Friend, My Mate - Prologue
The summary is the beginning of this chapter along with prologue. Enjoy.
Brutal Love Triangle - Chapter 8
Time to fall in love...
My Inner Beast - Chapter 36
Suicide watch? Luke returns. A short chapter.
As I Lay Dying
When you know when and how you are going to die.
Dalton, GA
Sorry this took so long... I'm sure not many (if any) people are bothered by it. I was camping for a while without Internet... Anyway, this is the final piece of this group's story for the time being... I have a few other survivors...
Transformation: Boys to Girls (1)
Eight boys are forced to disguise themselves as girls in order to stay alive.
Crying From A Distance - Prologue
A story of how a broken heart feels.
The Cursed Paintings: The Boys (3)
Looks like the girls are not the only targets for the mysterious painter.
My Inner Beast - Chapter 35, Part 2
Re-energizing, Luke takes action on Amelia, a fight. Also a synopsis of my other story "Not my Territory" that I hope to write. Leave comments.
It Could Be Love - Chapter 1
The unsaid, only he could know if fate allows them to be.
The Cursed Paintings: Teardrops (2)
A mysterious painter regularly sends paintings to three teenage girls.
Return to Yargo - Chapter 5
Leader Murtah looked me in the eyes and I recognized a dark, almost sinister expression in his eyes. It was only for a moment, and it was gone. Perhaps I imagined it.
After Dawn - Chapter 10
Isadora and Christian are beginning to have a special connection, but will they both be able to survive the obstacles in their way? Read this chapter to find out more about their special connection... don't forget to leave a...
I Choose My World - Chapter 6
Leave comments on what you think of the chapter, please.
Triple Drama (28) - Part 1
Storm and Requiem - Part I.
Chimera - Chapter 7
Sorry for a late post... but now the mystery is about to begin.
Someone Like Matt - Chapter Twelve (Part One)
Firstly, I have to apologize about the yearlong wait for this chapter. I got a little bit of writer's block and then, unfortunately I forgot I was working on this too in the events that have occurred since I posted the chapter last...
Demons Within Us: Rebellious Princess (2)
There seems to be trouble in Samad's household. The pressure of arranged marriage is getting too much.
My Inner Beast - Chapter 35
Home sweet home. A visit from Luke and some relaxation.
Enter Smalls
This is the second piece of my puzzle. It introduces a new character... Allec Smalls. This story has some mild language..