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The Tickle Me Pink Nails (4)
Another chapter, please read, give me your feedback. I'm really playing around with this also read my other stories.
The Supernatural Side - Chapter Twenty Two
I don't normally write a chapter or two this quickly, but have some ideas! Enjoy, please comment, love reading all even if they're negative or positive. Please do the poll, love seeing what people think and how many people do it.
The Supernatural Side - Chapter Twenty One
I've not written for a while, but here you go and enjoy!
Scars And A Daisy - Chapter Forty
Jeremy and Brookie have dinner with Chris and Lottie!
Wilkens - Chapter 1
There are weird happenings and findings in the little town of Wilkens, and Anne along with her little sister Briana are caught right in the rip tide of it all.
The Enchanted - Chapter 3
Keiran's POV and Willow's POV. What is Willow? Witch, vampire, elf, and werewolf? Find out now!
Forgotten Husband - Chapter Eight
Happy Diwali to everyone. Due to Diwali and my 5-month-old child I have been unable to post this chapter sooner. Sorry and please Enjoy!
Airplane Wish - Chapter Two
Short chapter, but we meet a new character.
Twisted - Chapter One
Bryce's father was murdered and after all this time he was ready to put his revenge in motion. Finally, he would get his revenge. But what he didn't know was that it would not be as easy as he thought.
Scars And A Daisy - Chapter Thirty Nine
Brookie and Jeremy fly out to California for the wedding!
Passion - Chapter Two
Damian was paying the consequences of his actions and he was willing to do anything in his powers to get what he wanted. And Rebekah was doing everything in her power to ruin his life.
Welcome To My Mind
Please enter with caution.
Airplane Wish - Chapter One
Katia goes back home.
Passion - Chapter One
Damian and Rebekah had a love-hate relationship. Could their feelings towards each other change one day?
Airplane Wish - Prologue 2
A second prologue of sorts.
The Lake House - Chapter 9
Sorry, it took a while, but I hope you like it.