Action and Adventure Stories

"I have both held and beheld unlimited power and of it I know but one thing. It drives men mad." - Alexander the Great.
Australian action thriller writer Matthew Reilly used this quote in his brilliant adventure saga "Seven Ancient Wonders". In short, he gave us the ultimate stimulant that triggers off almost all adventure stories. A man or a group of men in a privileged position, wishing to change the course of history.

For all diehard adventure fans, here are some fabulous stories that have the complete package: action, suspense, high-voltage drama, and passion. They'll definitely leave you at the edge of your seat and asking for more.
Zombie Outbreak: In the Moment (1)
An unexpected zombie outbreak occurs. Will the characters survive?
Author's Note - 'The Calgarian Princess'
Here is an Author's note, so please read.
Ninja Master Assassin - Part 4
Sorry it took so long to get this one out, but I was very lazy and had some problems. Well, here it is the start of the fourth chapter. Hope you like it for what's it's worth. Thanks for reading it. I know this chapter is short but...
Annabella's Revenge
After her husband is kidnapped, Annabella goes all out to secure the freedom of her first love.
Arms Race - Chapter 19
Final Battle... The Patriots Vs. The Hierarch's. (continued)
Arms Race - Chapter 17
The Patriots must decide if they will work with Noah Lennox.
Arms Race - Chapter 16
Jessica D finally reunites with Kid Supreme
A Journey of Apocalyptic Proportions
Max is trouble. Sohi is dragged in by association. Tony is pissed. Jess is naive. Maybe, just maybe, they can make it in this post-apocalyptic wasteland.
Mesha, the Dibonite Recovers His Voice
The Moabite king uses the vulnerable point of his enemies to launch the war for independence and construction projects on the released territories. His stele sheds inquisitive light on current political developments and discloses...
Mighty Mosquito - Part 3 (Secret Revealed)
Read Part 2 carefully to understand the present story.
Mighty Mosquito - Part 2 (Birth of the Mosquito)
This is the continuation of Part 1, so read the story carefully to understand this.
Mighty Mosquito - Part 1 (Soniya's History)
Read and comment below. Soniya, an undergraduate girl is the heroine of this story.