Love and Romance Stories

This section enlists passionate stories in which the plots and characters explore the multidimensional emotion that is love. Each of them display a different face of romance. Some are happy tales, while others have not-so-happy endings. Some have jealously possessive lovers while others the smooth charmers and tender consorts. Some will leave you with a warm, fuzzy feeling, while others are sure to make you reach for that box of tissues. Either way, they are moving and perfect for those of you who enjoy romantic fiction.
Complicated Love - Chapter 2
Izzy starts to get really frustrated with Cameron's idiotic ways. And at the party, he does something that is just unacceptable in Izzy's books. Do you think he deserves to be forgiven? Read Chapter 2 of 'Complicated Love' to find...
Grim's Love - Chapter 7
I've changed the title of the story. It used to be 'Grim Reaper's Love' but I figured the word 'reaper' is unnecessary, so now it is called 'Grim's Love.'
Elemental - Chapter 2
I'm sorry for not updating in so long.
Complicated Love - Chapter 1
Izzy Weaver could not understand why her twin brother's best friend, Cameron Hart, was so hung up on her. After years of teasing and flirting on Cameron's behalf Izzy starts to actually feel something for Cam. Was she starting to...
Supernatural Side - Chapter Twenty Four
Not wrote in a while, hope you like it...
Airplane Wish - Chapter Ten
The meeting with the ball planning committee.....
A Love to Remember - Chapter 16
A long lovely chapter awaiting for you readers... and response.
Thinking Out Loud
Short story of a man on his anniversary....
A Story Where The Narrator Falls in Love With You (6)
After another 6 month hiatus J is back... again!
Grim Reaper's Love - Chapter 6
Here's the next chapter.
A Third Chance at First Love - Chapter Seventeen
After finding out Michael Dean's whereabouts, Erin Grey is on a new mission to see the face of the person pretending to be her father. Meanwhile, Derek struggles to think after witnessing Jordan's death. Who killed him? and who is...
A Love to Remember - Chapter 15
Would history repeat itself to bring Fred and Jane closer once more!! Keep reading to know what happens. Thank you.
The Lake House - Chapter 12
This is the next chapter, I hope you enjoy. I'm sorry, it's a bit late.
Shadow Kissed - Chapter 2
Lotus meets her mother, and discovers more about herself than she ever thought possible. But who is the other girl in the painting? And why did she look almost identical to her?
Conquered by Love
My first Movie Script. An African tale of a Rich Father and two grownup Sons who were at war with each other, both heavy weights, yet only one can be the winner at the end of it all.
Airplane Wish - Chapter Nine (Part 1)
The first part of Katia's first day of work.
It's All Greek (7)
Taking a trip down 42nd street, oh how delightful it was...