Love and Romance Stories

This section enlists passionate stories in which the plots and characters explore the multidimensional emotion that is love. Each of them display a different face of romance. Some are happy tales, while others have not-so-happy endings. Some have jealously possessive lovers while others the smooth charmers and tender consorts. Some will leave you with a warm, fuzzy feeling, while others are sure to make you reach for that box of tissues. Either way, they are moving and perfect for those of you who enjoy romantic fiction.
Hansel's Lover - Chapter Nine
Anna woke up to find that the virus to merely be a mimic of what they had previously believed it to be. She realized then, that the worse is just about to come.
Hansel's Lover - Chapter Eight
While inside isolation, Anna receives a call from Daniel - a conversation longed with regrets, pain, and a goodbye.
The Supernatural Side - Chapter Four
Katarina's side of the story...
Hansel's Lover - Chapter Seven
In a desperate attempt to save a doctor from her clinic, Anna pursues the illogical.
The Supernatural Side - Chapter Two
Short chapter and enjoy...
The Supernatural Side - Chapter One
The beginning of something... (Guys i updated this and will be updating the whole story!!)
Hansel's Lover - Chapter Six
After the death of her childhood friend, Anna receives a letter that opens up a new possibility from the ones she was inclining herself to believe. However, new discoveries come with new responsibilities.
Hansel's Lover - Chapter Five
As Daniel left for his assignment, Anna is met with a different situation - one more painful than finding out about her father's disappearance.
Pins and Needles: Chapter 9
Deeper connections are made between Jace and Ivy.
The Contract - Chapter 7
Sorry for the delay... new chapter up soon!! Andre admits his love to Olivia.
Pins and Needles: Chapter 8 (Drawn to Mystery)
What's really behind Jace's cold mask and sour demeanor? Ivy starts to realize that something is off when it comes to Jace.
The Contract - Chapter 4
Andre finds it hard to introduce Adriana to his daughter, find out why in this revealing chapter... 3 comments to continue.
Must I Be Your Bride? (Rewritten Version): Chapter One
"Just one," he whispered apologetically. And then... The stranger kissed me.
Figure Me Out - Chapter 1
Callie, Leah and Hazel; three best friends who stick together no matter what, through love and heartbreak, through wars, and through changes that threaten to rip them apart.
The Contract - Chapter 2
Melanie meets Olivia for the first time and they share a special connection.