Suspense & Mystery Stories

"The suspense of a novel is not only in the reader, but in the novelist, who is intensely curious about what will happen to the hero." These words by author Mary Therese McCarthy indicates just how some of the best suspense thrillers in the world are born. There are few things more gripping than a tale that keeps us glued to a piece of writing till the very last word. Even fewer things stir up the detective and truth-seeker in all of us. So, here is our contribution to a genre that stimulates those gray cells to think out of the box and tread on paths filled with nerve-chilling possibilities.
The Weird Neighborhood - Chapter 6, Part 2
Part 2, please do read and comment. Can Felicia and Alec be friends?
Note - Anne's Powers, a Sequel?
Should there be a sequel?
The Weird Neighborhood - Chapter 6
The story begins now! Let's see what happens over the dinner?
Kidnapped Alone - Prologue
A girl named Brittany went to a concert with her friends. The singer asked her to come to the stage and sing. After that she saw a music producer signed her up to make an album. When Brittany was making an album, she got kidnapped...
A Promise to Keep - Chapter 4
"Curiosity kills the cat."
The Weird Neighborhood - Chapter 5
Another interesting chapter with a very important information revealed. Do read and comment.
The Mystery Man - Chapter 6: The Invisible Ink
While the Mystery Man is now being followed wherever he goes. Silently The Grand Aurora Hotel witnesses a visitor collecting and advance for an assignment which adds more to the Mystery. Suddenly, the city which was quiet is gong...
The Weird Neighborhood - Chapter 4, Part 2
Part 2 of Chapter 4, please read and comment.
The Weird Neighborhood - Chapter 4, Part 1
Introduction to new characters and further unraveling of the mystery.
The Weird Neighborhood - Chapter 3
Stefanie finally meets her neighbor... how's the meeting gonna be?
The Mystery Man - Chapter 5: The Pub
Paul is chosen to follow the Mystery Man. Paul is a smart young kid, but then there were occasions where he feels that he is being outsmarted by the Mystery Man. Is that deliberate by Aniket (Mystery Man) or coincidences.
The Weird Neighborhood - Chapter 2
So what's the entire mystery about and what danger lurks over, Stefanie find out?
The Weird Neighborhood - Chapter 1
Stefanie is a spy... an 18-year-old spy! While she's on a vacation, she gets a call for her mission, a mission to spy on her neighborhood. What follows her is a series of strange events and secrets that takes more than being a...
The Mystery Man - Chapter 4: The Crematorium
On one hand the Mystery Man has come to light, but then there is more happening in the town. The Drug Mafia is talking of the new contact and a Crusader to be sorted. The mystery now takes a turn as more is happening in town.
An Invisible Lady
Being invisible is what a lady tries to change, but visibility gives her a misfortune. Let's read and learn a lesson at the end. Be happy!
A Promise to Keep - Chapter 3 (Part 2)
What should I do? How can I choose between them? They both mean a lot for me!! - Arayo Natsumy.
The Mystery Man - Chapter 3: The Chase
With no one listening to Mr. Trilok, he walks out of the meeting never to return to any of the meetings. Everyone decides to chase the Mystery Man. The information returned by the chasers brings more fear than light.
Shannon - Chapter Three
A story about obsession.
The Mystery Man - Chapter 2: Vroom Vroom!
The Mystery Man has already made the people anxious. People gather to discuss the same. Only one person debates on the fact that the best solution is to invite the person for a dialog, but due to fear most of them do not agree and...
The Mystery Man - Chapter 1: The Arrival
The Mystery Man is the story of a person who makes rare appearances in public. Each of the appearance deepens the mystery of the person. From fear to over confidence, everyone has his own theory. Only the climax will tell the truth...
A Promise to Keep - Chapter 3
This might change everything !!
A Promise to Keep - Chapter 2 (Part 3)
"Let me introduce you to someone!" Eric.
A Promise to Keep - Chapter 2
The anonymous sender!! What does he know about her?
A Promise to Keep - Chapter 1
Can love win his battle against Revenge? Well, yes!! But it needs STRENGTH... strength to forgive other people's mistakes. But Revenge uses hate that slowly kills its leader. Who will win this battle? Will she choose past for her...
A Homewrecker - Prologue
This is just a snippet of my story. Comment and tell me your honest opinions. If you like it, I'll post the rest of it. Thanks.
New Girl - Chapter Seventeen
Alexis finds herself explaining her views on Romeo and Juliet in English class, finally catching the attention of Dimitri.