Behind Your Smile

This is dedicated to a friend of mine, who has been acting like James Bond lately. To you, reading this now and also to everybody out there who hide their pain away, refusing to cry out for help.
I see the pain masked right behind your smile,
I don't understand how you would smile all day,
But cry yourself to sleep at night?
Why did you have to hide the tears away?
Many times you tell me that you are fine,
You fake a smile and tell me it's ok!!
While you sulk up in the inside.

I reach out to your heart,
To feel the pain you bear,
But you've built these,
Walls of defense around your heart,
Let me touch your chest,
To feel your heartbeat.

Let me touch your heart,
And feel the pain you hide,
Let me cry with you my friend,
You don't have to carry the burden alone,
To see you suffer like this,
Make me shed night of tears.

Like for ages past, I've asked why?
Over and over again, I asked why?
But there seems to be no answer,
To my endless question,
While I watch you my friend die in silence,
And all I could do is watch.
How is this poem?
Good but try to improve next time.
Wonderful, I love it.
Piss of shit, please stop writing.
Published: 1/15/2014
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