And if I Die

Thinking bout committing suicide..& what will happen if I die!
There shall be no more of me
No more of my presents
No more of my face

I will be gone FOREVER
U will regret what you have said
What you have done
OR what you didn't do

& if I shall die 2day don't blame yourself
Simply blame the people who put me down
My shield is getting weaker & weaker each day
My pain is getting worse
My attempts & thoughts are all for a reason
When I die I will soon go to hell (OR heaven if god believes in me)

Sometimes I wonder my fate for when I'm gone
Will people care ?
Will people even remember me ?
Will they be sad?--or will they even cry ?

Unanswered questions is all I have

I will die a painful death
& no one will care
I will be watching from above or maybe haunting you from below

That is what I think will happen
Does this sound depressing ?
Published: 7/13/2010
Bouquets and Brickbats