10 Things I Hate About Him - Chapter 2

Well, hey guys! Long time no type? I don't know, but anyway I'm back. And I honestly didn't write because I forgot my password and I didn't think anyone would read it. You all proved me wrong. But here is chapter 2 of '10 Things I Hate About Him'.
1. Annoying down to the point. 2. He always has to be right. 3. He does not leave me alone. 4. He makes fun of me. 5. He is everywhere I go! 6. He flirts with me! 7. He is selfish. 8. He loves to prove me stupid (even though I'm not). 9. He gives me a hard time. 10. I think he loves me. These are the 10 things I hate about him.


I hate it when we lose games, I swear I just wanted to roll over and die. I can't believe that she made us run so much. And for those who say that volleyball isn't hard, try running two miles and eight sets of bleachers. The only thing that has come good out of this day is the fact that we were outside and I had to wait for my older brother to get out of football practice.

But hey, I'm not really complaining having an excuse to sit around and watch sweaty shirtless guys with six packs, don't disturb me one bit. The only one that I do mind is my brother and maybe Jacob. Then again he has a nice body. Abs that seem to go on for forever along with those arms... wait what am I thinking Jacob is not my type! Trying to get away from that subject, I look at my brother and watch him in the huddle, probably telling the guys the next play or something. When they break, my brother sees me and waves. That's when I know the name calling is going to start.

"Hey Volleyball! What's up?" One of the guys say.
"Volleyball looking hot there in the spanks," another said and then he gets a look from my brother. So dang overprotective.

"Yo Volleyball, get out here and play with us." Sam, my brother's best friend says.
My brother grins, "Yeah, Volleyball get your ass out here."

"Come on guys, I know you just saw me run. I'm pooped." I moan.
"Oh, really or are you just chicken and know I'm going to tackle you?" Jacob comes out of nowhere and says. I narrow my eyes at him. He knows that I can't ever back down from a challenge.

"Fine. But don't say anything when I speed pass the defensive line."
"Oh, we'll see about that."
As I walk out to the field, the guys start talking about the upcoming game next week with our rivals, the Devils.

"Hey Coach, is it okay if I kick their butts real quick?" I ask.
"Of course sweetie," he says as I knew he would, he is after all my uncle.
"All right girls, let's get this over with I have brass to be shining, its uniform wear tomorrow." (for JROTC) I say.

I position myself behind my brother and say the magic words and look for somewhere to pass to. Of course, no one's open so I make a run for it. I make it pass the defensive line pretty quickly but that's when I see him out of the corner of my eye. He's hot on my trail, I try to pick up the speed but I don't do too much, it seems that my legs are starting to turn into jello from the running earlier. Then the next thing I know, I'm almost to the end zone when he grabs me from the waist and pulls me under him.

I look up at him, we're both breathing hard and just staring at each other's eyes, my brown agent eyes and his blue.

"So much for getting past me, huh?" He whispers in my ear.
"Jacob, you have point two seconds to get off my sister before I kick your butt to the other end of the field!"

"Chillax dude, I'm getting up."
Well, that went well, which is reason number 4 why I hate Jacob.


*Hope you liked it. I'll try to post more often this time!*
Published: 12/5/2013
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