True friend is rare to find...
Friend in need is a friend indeed.
Friend who is deceitful and cheats is a fiend.
World is filled with hawks and crows.
A true friend here is most precious.
This friend may not be always around.
For months, may not be heard each other's sound.
This binding does not need a band.
Nor does it need any bugle or trumpet to make it grand.
True friend is a soulmate.
With that friend there is no check and mate.
True friends' ship can never drown.
It withstands cyclone and storm without a frown.
Most friends stop on the lip.
They vanish with a coffee sip.
Real friends touch the heart and mind.
They do not belong to 'out of sight, out of mind'.
Only fortunate find that kind;
Not surprising is that, a genuine friend becomes a legend.
That friend is there to stay.
Thoughts amalgamate in a great way.
Astonishing is their telepathy.
It invites envy and antipathy.
Little does this friendship care.
Least impact can they bear.
Such friends could be most uncommon.
But 'the luckiest' finds this friend in someone.
Published: 7/26/2007
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