*2012 - End of Life?*

What if the world's really coming to and end? What can make god change his mind? Maybe the answer is here.
Do you think the world will come to an end?
Do you think destruction from skies will be sent?
Do you think we just have one more year to live?
Do you think it's time that we shouldn't take but give?
If yes then........

Just live everyday like your day
Just stand up and have your say
Don't hesitate it's your world
But always remember to fulfill you words!

Are you afraid of dying?
Would you just run away or would you keep trying?
Are you gonna miss someone really badly at your last moment?
Do you wanna drown in water or get hit by a comet?
If you're sure then?

Just forget all your worries and party hard
Don't be afraid and just play your cards
If really a little time is left
Guys you gonna be honest and stay away from theft

Do you get a dream that you're the only one alive?
Do you dream that loneliness is cutting you like a knife?
Do you really cry at times thinking what will happen next?
Do you really wish it would happen once you've given your best?

So just don't cry hit a try
Maybe there will be smiles and no sigh
Maybe god just wants human to be more kind
Cuz love is something that can change even god's mind.
Published: 3/23/2011
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