Missing You

Written for my youngest son he was 16 days old when he passed away. This poem is written to him telling him how much I miss him and how much my heart aches without him...
At night I can't sleep ,
because your gone.
As the days go by,
all I do is think of you .
Many times I find myself searching,
searching for you , were are you?
Since you've been gone,
I've been so sad.
I've been missing you,
wanting you,
needing you.
I need to see you look into my eye,
I need to tell you I will always love you.
I'm find it so hard to believe.
How can it be I'll never be able to touch,
touch your beautiful little face again.
Baby boy I will always love you ,
I will always care for you.
you are always with me.

Rest in peace Raiden Saint Lee Taylor
Published: 5/30/2009
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