300 Workout Plan

The 300 workout plan is as popular as the movie 300 which grossed over 450 million dollars in the domestic market. It is a very effective full body workout and if done correctly, will give you a great physique in a short duration.
Zack Snyder, director of the movie 300 enlisted the help of Mark Twight to get the cast of this epic movie in perfect shape. The movie was about a ferocious battle between the Spartans and the Persians and Zack Snyder wanted all of his cast to look the part and not just play the part. Mark Twight devised a workout plan which has become a part of the training folklore.

If you follow the 300 workout plan, it will give you visible results in 8 weeks, all you will need is some discipline. A few tips before you start on the plan, if you are a beginner hire a trainer who will assist you in implementing the workout schedule. Correct form is very important to avoid injury and get faster results. Take bodybuilding supplements to support your strength training regime, try whey protein to replenish and help your muscles recover quickly.

Many people think that the workout would consist of exercises that no one has seen before because there was no way the actors could get such a good physique in such a short span of time. Contrary to what most people believed, the regime has some time tested exercises that are presented in a different way to suit the workout. Here is the 300 workout plan for men.

300 Workout Plan
ExerciseReps (for Men)Reps (for Women)
Pull Ups 25 15
Deadlifts (with 135 lbs.) 50 25
Push Ups 50 25
Box Jumps (24 inches) 50 25
Floor Wipers 50 25
Clean and Press (with 36 lbs. Kettlebell) 50 20
Pull Ups 25 15

Pull Ups
Stand directly under the pull up bar, tilt slightly back wards and grab the bar with your palms facing away at shoulder width length. Pull your body up so that the bar comes to chest length and then slowly lower your body down. Do not use jerky movements or swing your body to gain momentum while doing pull ups. Do 25 reps, this is the best way to gain upper body strength and develop your shoulder and back muscles.

Deadlifts 135 lbs
Correct form is vital to performing this exercise or you will risk injuring your back. For doing the deadlifts with 135 lbs place the barbell on the ground and stand with your feet hip width apart. Grip the bar with an alternate grip, one hand over the bar and one under the bar. Bend your knees, keep your chest out and back tight when you lift the barbell off the ground. Exhale as you come up and bring the bar to hip level don't bend your arms. Do 50 reps of this exercise it will develop your core muscles and give you strong back and legs.

Push Ups
One of the traditional exercises for building upper body strength, the push ups are also very effective in building stamina. Lie face down on the floor and place your palms on the ground just a little wider than shoulder width. Now push your body up so that your arms are fully stretched, exhale as you push up. Do 50 reps of the 300 workout routine to build strength and muscles in your arms, chest and shoulder regions.

Box Jumps
It is a very effective way of increasing your endurance and strength. Get a 24 inch box or something that will hold your weight when you jump on it. Stand facing the box with your toes pointing in front and arms by your side. Slightly bend your knees and jump on the box, you can swing your arms for momentum. Do 50 box jumps to develop your stamina and balance.

Floor Wipers 135 lbs
It is one of those bodybuilding exercises which look easy when you see others doing it until you try for yourself. Lie on the ground with your legs extended in front of you now lift a barbell loaded with 135 lbs as if you are doing a bench press. Now slowly lift your legs above the ground crunching your abdominal muscle. Try and touch the weight plates on the left side with your toes. Put your legs back down but don't let your ankles touch the floor, now get them back up and this time try and touch the weight plates on the right side with your toes. This will be considered as one repetition. Do 50 reps, this exercise will build your core muscles and develop your strength.

Clean and Press 36 lbs kettle bell
Correct technique is important to do the clean and press 36 lbs kettle bell routine. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and keep the kettle bell on the ground between your feet. Keep your back straight and bend your knees to go down and grip the bell in one hand. Now come up as if you are doing a deadlift and swing the weight up so that the bell turns and the weight of the bell is supported by your forearm. The final action is to push the weight over your head by tightening the thighs, glutes, and hamstring muscles. Slowly lower the kettle bell and lay it to rest on the ground back between your legs. Do 50 reps to gain superior strength and workout your shoulder and leg muscles.

End the routine with 25 pull ups making it a full 300 repetition workout, it is also an excellent idea to start protein supplements like whey when you are following this workout regime. The 300 workout plan like most workout routines will require you to incorporate proper rest in your daily schedule to help the muscles recover faster.
By Indrajit Deshmukh
Published: 11/25/2010
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