author of "A Victim of Love".... title doesn't look like a love poem but i feellike it should be in this category
Thank you so much to everybody who commented on my last poem "A Victim of Love"
I flipped out when i read your comments! No lie! :)

Sakhara - I'm really glad i wrote something you can relate to. I really was just writing from my heart. It wasn't one of those things where you tweak and change things so people can relate. This was real.

Eb- Sooo glad I could help. that poem is actually about my first love too.

Lexi- I hope so. I really do. He talks about being together when we're older... but it's complicated. the story i'm writing "Against All Odds" is actually about the same love so if you want details read it PLEASE. it's all from my own life.

Raine- thank you:)

Human- thanks!

JACI- thanks so much. for the advise. i honestly wish I could move on... he's not... healthy for me anymore. it's just.... ugh complicated. again read the story if you wanna know details of the "complications" I'm referring to.

Christy- thanks so much!

Ashish- thank you. i never thought anyone would call my poem heart touching... it means a lot! honestly.

Lindsey- no problem. I'm happy that I could express you're feelings through my poem. again, I wasn't trying to but I'm really glad I did. :)

Alfred John- thanks so much for sticking up for me! i appreciate it! really, I do.

Anonymous MBB - haha. I know you do. ;)

Nadso - I'm sorry you feel that way. but cuss words are sometimes the only and even best way to describe your true feelings.

Benjamin Walker- thank you!
I don't know what to say to you anymore,
It's like you just shut the door,
On everything that we were,
And you left me alone,
Now I'm crying through the phone,
That you never answer,
How could you leave me,
Now I'm falling so fast,
And I think I knew it wouldn't last,
And that we're done,
How can I move on,
You were the only one who really cared,
Now I'm alone,
And the only thing I can do is cry,
I'm tired of crying,
I'm staring of staring at the phone,
It never rings,
You never talk to me anymore,
You don't even care,
I thought I'd see it coming,
But it got here early,
You left me standing there in the rain,
And you even help me get through the pain,
Every time I see your face,
It gives me chills,
Every time I hear your voice,
I swear it kills,
And right in the place I thought you kept safe,
Yeah that's right you stabbed through the heart,
And now I'm alone,
The pain,
I feel,
It feels,
I didn't know one person could hurt this much,
And I know,
That you're,
The one,
I can't even stand the thought of your touch,
It's so cold,
Don't leave me out here alone,
I swear I'll die,
All there's left to do is cry,
There's nothing I can do,
I'm defenseless,
I cannot help it,
They're trying to get to me,
And i have nothing to defend myself with,
Please help me,
Please help me,
But no one's there,
'Cause I'm alone
yeah before you go all "Oh, goodness someone help that child!" on me. I want to let you guys know these are not my current feelings i wrote this a while back when....
well you guys can ask if you wanna know (it's okay if you don't) 'cause I don't wanna put all this crap up about myself if guys don't wanna read it. the whole point is to put stuff you guys wanna read right?

don't afraid to ask if you wanna know though. it's no problem to tell you guys, alright?

Published: 1/25/2010
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