Can You See Me

I look into your eyes and see me, from years ago
Yet when you look at me, you look right past me
It’s like I am not there
I could stand around all day screaming at you

But would you hear me
Can you even see me?
Am I nothing but a memory to you?
Screaming loudly and pushing right through you

I am mist and you are sun
I am nothing and you are everything
My lips against yours, my hand across your chest
Yet instead of embrace, you shiver and turn away

My pain is your embrace
Can you not see me?
Hold me like you hold her
Kiss me like you kissed her

Speak to me, Scream at me, Do anything to me
Just show me that you can see me
My tears are you rain
No longer am I here

I am nothing but a memory
Forever gone but forever here
I am right beside you
Can you see me?

Can you say anything to me?
Is it too late?
Am I forever gone?
Published: 2/18/2010
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