Love Is

A poem about life's struggle and how we all need a bit of love to cope.
Love is the colorful rainbow,
Created by the light of the sun,
Shining through the clear cool raindrops,
As they drop from the blackest cloud.

Love is the rollercoaster,
Complete with its ups and downs,
It can make your heart shine like a diamond,
Or darken it in the bleakest shroud.

Love is the rising sun at dawn,
Filling your soul with light,
Placing your heart in the hands of false hope,
As the sun always sets at night.

Love is the fragrance of flowers in bloom,
Bringing the sweet smell of summer,
Filling your mind with contentment,
Until the miseries of winter take over.

Love is a constant battlefield,
In a continuous war to succeed,
But as long as we're allied together,
We can overcome all that is bleak.

For love will bring with it, sadness,
And break your heart now and again.
But I will hold all the pieces together,
To make sure we don't lose our way.

We will follow the path of our true love,
As it winds along life's dreary highway,
And when we get to the end we'll remember,
How our love got us through all the misery.

I will always love you forever,
Although I may bring you sorrow at times,
So please accept my apologies in advance,
And promise your love to be mine.

Published: 6/9/2010
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