If Only

Basically, this poem is about wishing life were a dream and everything you hoped was real.
If only this was a dream
The impossible could be possible
And the rainy days would be happy days,
But this is reality,
Where life can stab you in the back like a knife when you don't see it coming
And slam a door right in your face and call you a disgrace.

If only this wasn't reality
The clouds could be made a sweets and say hello to everyone it greets
Smiles would be everywhere and everyone would really care,
You could redo the past and make every moment last
There would be no such thing as tears and having fears.

If only you'd wake up before it is too late
That dark dream you're stuck in and living in a sin
Screaming and yelling at all of those people deceiving,
Wishing you would die so you won't have any more tears to cry
All the good has gone away and you wished it would stay
If only you weren't so lonely.
Published: 6/23/2010
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