My Heart

You have my heart rite in the palm of your I was foolish.
I remember when you said the words
I remember your voice...
I remember how I felt
I remember everything we went through
How I will jump when you said jump
Main I was foolish to let you have my heart
You ruined everything

My heart
Its broken and no one can fix it
Just for you to look at me makes me feel hope
Why you?
Why not anyone else?
I need to move on !
But why can't I ?
Why did you break it off !
You idiot !

Now I want you more than ever
I try to say nothing will happen
But it's a lie
And everyone knows it
After everything that has happened
When we broke it off you didn't even care....
I was in shock
I couldn't believe it
After everything
Was it me
What did I do

That desire to be with you is terrible
I needed you really bad
You seam like one of the reasons i wanted to die
Because you wasn't there
Why did you go away
I love the way you lie
You act like you don't care
But is it an act ?
Or is it the truth....
I just can't believe I let you have that power
The power...the key..the ability to my heart..
Man I was foolish
Published: 9/21/2010
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