About my father
Throughout my years I never really had a Dad.
I always wondered what I did to be treated so badly.
Scarce he was and distant all the time.
I just wanted that love I never had.

It took a time of success for him to come around.
Then when I failed, away he bound.
Am I really that embarrassing as a son?
Or is torturing me really just that fun?
I grew up always seeing it as my fault.

As a young child I was twisted & torn.
I was sucked into an ill-fated parental storm.
A great life for only himself he built.
Whilst I was forced into a life of suffering and guilt.
Stuck in the conflicts which my parents brewed.

Damned with the thoughts that my mind stewed.
Every single day I asked myself why?
Why was my dad such a distant guy?
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Published: 9/24/2010
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