"Best Friend"

I finally realize view me as a person...
I'm glad......
You told me what you really think of me
How you think I look
How you view me as a person

All the sweet talk was only to get me out of my clothes
Thank god I didn't do that

It took weed; it took you to get high for you to tell me that:
I'm ugly,

So all that you said to me was a lie?
Ever since you moved to your new school you are acting funny
You act like a b**ch
You are more cocky then before
You are full of yourself
And all that you think about is se*
I can't believe that I liked you
Someone as stupid as you are

You were supposed to be my best friend
Wow Jonathan...
Now your just a piece of cr*p

I'm glad you think that I worthless
Because I know your worthless

I've lost a friend and I'm in shock
Because Jonathan I knew you the best
You can blow our friendship away

I don't care
But I hope all your new friends now the real Jonathan because you are acting fake.
Published: 10/13/2010
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