I Remember

I remember when he hit you.
I don't want you to marry Eric

People might think he's cool but he's far from that
He may buy me things but that doesn't mean anything

I read your poem "he hurt me'

I cry every time I think about it

He came in my room over and over again for the phone
He took my phone to call you and he said "when you get home I'm going yo f**k you up"
At that point I couldn't go to sleep
You came home and I went to talk to you
He came in the room and dimmed the lights
You almost got rapped with Meah in your arms
I was scared and was told to "shut up" by him

Za and I had to leave to daddy's house
When we got there daddy tried to give me a hug I said no "don't touch me"
Over and over again just like you said

I wanted to cry
I remember when he put his private in my face-when I looked up he ran-
This happened when he was "drunk"
I remember telling you-you asked him and he said "I don't remember' that was the end of it

I remember him hitting Za and I asked "can he do that?" you said "he just did"

There is much more to what he has done wrong

You probably don't think I remember these things but to tell you the truth

Published: 10/13/2010
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