We Belong Together

Finding love.
People are talking out there
They started talking before my mother and father
Thought of producing an animal like me
I was born they got worse
Today I am...years young
They talk more
I will die and you will die
They will be talking but never mind them
You and I forever

Rumors came to
Touch the untouchable
To break the unbreakable
To reach the unreachable
To separate the inseparable
To take what belongs to me
Bazamile ukungigcoba
Ngamafutha wenya engingayidlanga
But hopadile

You made mistakes so did I?
We both learned from them
Although we have errors
Our love still burns like volcanic
You and I are the same
In all kinds of ways
No matter what they say


As human beings
We are not perfect
People we so happy
Thinking we will
Break up
They were so happy
They even made a little celebration
Thinking its over
However, little did they know?
That our love came more and strong
With passion

When we broke up for the first and last time
In our lives
During this hard time
I was dangerously in love with you
Missing the so-called
Love candy kiss
The simple small touch from you
That takes me to small heaven
The strong touch
That wakes all the beats in my body
And you on the other hand
You couldn't sleep
Thinking that when you turn
To you left you will
See me smiling saying"I love you standwa sami"
(my love)
And I don't want to lose you in my life.

You and that somebody we no
Couple but
We both know that our hearts
Are specially designed for each other
You can go the milky way,
Universe, lithosphere, mines,
Anywhere in the world
It's all over
You and I, for life,
Published: 10/29/2010
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