Together Forever

I would like to dedicate this article to a boy i love the most. Someone has rightly said, "The biggest pain in the world is to sit next to the person you love the most, knowing that the person can never be yours." This poem is about that.
I always thought we will be there together
But now, I can see the reality.
I always wanted to take
My every breath with you,
Even if I had to achieve immortality.
We shared everything with each other,
Yes we spent a lot of time.
I never thought you will
Only remain as a memory,
In the dark as a silver line.

I wanted to taste you,
Love you,
Touch you,
Wanted to complete you,
And you also wanted the same.
But nobody ever knew,
What fate had already planned.
You told me you can die for me,
And won't let anything
Happen to me.

You told me you will love
Me forever,
Like an eternal fantasy.
You told me you will
Always be by my side
Whenever I will be needing you.
Yes,you were always there
For help, saying "Don't worry, I am here for you".
You told me you can never forget me,
And with me you can even spend your whole life.

You told me your time never passes without me, without seeing my face and you can never see me cry.
But tell me now, did you close your eyes wen I was here crying my eyes out for you.
Or you were just pretending and lied to me in the past, wondering I was not made for you.
World never seemed to be upside down,
As it is now to me..
I never thought that you will leave me alone,
N let me feel
So weak.
We still talk,
but it's not the same as before.

You tell me u miss me,
Bt I won't trust u anymore.
You tell me she is not as important as me and I still am important in your life.
But its enough now,
I have had a lot,
And I want the time to fly.
Yes, I still love you
And will love you forever.
Thinking we can only be together after death,
The strength I can't gather.

I know you still love me,
But some reasons stop you.
But hey,
Don't worry,
I love you 2,
Waiting here in the heaven for you.
Published: 11/15/2010
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