Shattered Heart

We all play with fire sometimes, but we should beware of its consequences.
I gave you all my silver,
But still you left in your fruitless search for gold,
Your heartless lust for riches,
Took you on a journey across the world,
Like a dog at his heels you followed,
Whimpering for a taste of his sunrise,
But he left you in his shadow,
The tail between your legs, your only prize.

Now you've come back home,
As you cry from your soul,
The pieces of your shattered heart held in your hands,
Now like a beggar on my sleeve,
You plead for some relief,
But the pieces of my shattered heart lie in the sand.

I still remember how you left me,
Running after the heels of his love,
I stood there in the darkness,
Watching you leave in the fancy car he drove,
He done a wheel spin and you laughed,
He burned his rubber with a squeal,
You didn't even look back as you left,
To you, it seems, it was no big deal.

And for a while, I read of your success in the press,
In every picture you were hanging on his arm,
They hailed the beauty of his new girlfriend,
In a champagne toast to your charm,
But they didn't know like I did,
About your lustful greed and heartlessness,
And you didn't know like I did,
That you were just another notch in his bed.

So now you're back to bear witness,
And beg for my forgiveness,
The pieces of your shattered heart held in your hands,
But you may as well dig your grave,
For I have already watched the waves,
Dissolve the pieces of my broken heart in the sand.
Published: 12/1/2010
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