Why did you come back?
Into my life
When I was on the verge of forgetting you
Now you keep reminding me
Of the things we've done together
Of the things that I'll never forget

Those late night talks
Those late afternoon walks
Those long drives
Those tickling sensation
That you knew I got
I used to be in love with all this
Cherished all the times spent with you
Now I lay back in my couch
Hark back to those epochs

You didn't even tell me
When you were back
I still didn't speak to you
This lays me aback
Have I lost all the importance for you?
Feels like a trash
Lying at the edge of a road
Trying to pick myself up
Where it started from

When I was all set
To get myself out of bed
Re mold my doomed life
Was picking up the shattered pieces
Just to see that you've come back
To leave me off track

I no longer yearn for love
Coz it's nothing more than an illusion
I have no desire to start all over again
Very soon to find myself heart broken yet again
Published: 12/6/2010
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