My ex (Baby) who I loved a lot but then she became a bitch and I found someone who treated me right. I'm by her side she's by mine. With my ex I was just a slave she took all her anger out on me and kissed up on other guys. I was the last on her mind. She drove me insane so I wrote a song/poem whichever u wanna call it about it. Hope you guys like it :)
Baby, can't you see you're driving me crazy!
I can see it in your eyes baby all the lies you've told and the fake love that you hold.
All the pain you put me through can't you see I'm done with you.
I learned to let you go cuz I found someone new.
One point in time I did love you but that love will soon die.
Tick tock your time is running out make me believe you love me before its to late.
Baby you drive me crazy the memory's of you are carved into my brain and its driving me insane!!!
Ooohhh can't you see
baby, can't you see!

It's too late for you because I found someone new.
GET THE HELL out of my life I can't believe I fell so far for you and now you're just a scar on my heart I thought nothing would tear us apart.
But baby you drive me crazy I can't put up with another fight tonight so let me go and leave me alone!
Talk to me when you realize that were not meant to be.
You're nothing but a bitch I'm not your stress doll even though I stood tall by your side night and day I tried to make you happy.
But I can't put up with another fight.

Welcome to the NIGHTMARE you put me in baby I don't care anymore you had your chance I dropped to the floor crying my eyes out for you now I'm just walking out the door.
I can see it in your eyes baby all the lies you've told me the fake love that you held so dearly is all crumbling down I'm DONE its OVER you're out of my life and now I can drop this knife.
Baby you made crazy.
My only regret is that I actually tried to make you happy knowing I was just a tool whole time.
I fixed your broken heart and you tore me apart Don't EVER bother asking me for help again stay away from me cuz baby can't you see that were over.
I Found a new girl who makes me happy and makes me smile a reason to walk another mile.

Treats me like a human not a mindless zombie.
Thanks to you I'm scared to love again.
Thanks to her I'm happy and no longer going insane.
Thanks to you I'm scared to be hurt.
Thanks to her my scars are healing.
Thanks to her I managed to fight another and drop the knife.
Thanks to you I almost lost my life.
In your eyes I can see the lies as this love for you dies my heart cry's out for another name! you have only yourself to blame cuz baby I'm gone can't you see that it's over. it's over....
Baby you drive me crazy.
Published: 12/13/2010
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