5 Amazing Runners and Best Friends(:

Bailey should read this!
Bailey, you're loud, obnoxious, and stupid, as am I,
I can tell you anything and it will never leave your mouth,
You help me out when needed and I love you

Sage, you're always calm, and soooo sweet,
When I'm stressed I come to you,
You know how to calm me down, I love your laid back personality
You are the sweetest person I've ever met and I love you

Arielle, you're such a Jock, and you are really funny
You are always playing a sport or running around,
When I'm sad or serious you know how to make me smile
I love your perky personality and I love you

Flannery, you're really caring and warm
You're very mature, but you know how to have a good time
you know when I do something that's not right and you tell me
You make me feel cozy inside with your warmness and
I love you


Me, the immature, loud, flirty one,
I've never met anyone exactly like myself,
I don't plan on it, I like who I am,
But most important I'm there for my friends,
They are more important than any store or guy I could ever find
They are the best and I love them!
Published: 11/9/2009
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