The Truth

This has happened to ppl it has happened to me let me know what you think.
I lay back and look at the ceiling
I try to ignore all the pain that I'm feeling

All the memories come rushing back
And I go into a full flood panic attack

I am six
He is sixteen
And still he stay with me

I'm supposed to be visiting my aunt for a week
Instead I sit with him while she and his dad tweak

We sit in his room all alone
So bad I wish I was back home

Today is different, something is not right
He grabs me fast and holds me too tight

He lays me down,and he next to me
I ask what we're doing he says he is free

I look up at him not sure what to do
He says he is playing a game and do I want to play too

I'm so little so of course I say yes
He say good as he helps me undress

This is no story only fact
I will never be the same not after that

I don't like to go into it much after that
I stop the truth before my tears go splat

I say these things they are true
He should have died with me too

I was six
He was sixteen
That night is still a part of me
Honest opinion?
Could be better
Straight out stupid
Published: 12/20/2010
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