Without You

This is what I dedicate to my parents.
If there's a light I want in the dark its you
You have given my life a point of view
IF you'll always stay with me I'll never ask for anything new
Cuz you've always helped to get out every blue

Oh dad I can't tell you how much I love you
You won't be able to feel it but I really do
Oh mom, I can't express my feelings for you
To tell it all there are words but they are few

I can never walk a step without you both
Without you all I see is an empty road
I can never see clearly when you're not there
I loose myself whenever you're not there
So this is a little song
A little thank you for you
So whenever I go wrong
I can sing it to you
Cuz this life is to short to return what you gave me
But there's only love to give and that's only what I want you to see.

If there's a guide for my soul
I find it in you
If there's someone who can make me whole
I believe that its you

Oh dad how hard you work
To see a smile on my face each day
Oh mom how you satisfy me
How can I ever repay?
I can never see this world without you
Am a little lost girls without you
When you are with me the sun shines and the sky's blue
When you are around I see a world totally new

So this is a little song
To tell you
Maybe this will tell you
How much I love you?
Cuz I believe in dreams because of you
And if I believe in my god then my god is you.
Published: 12/20/2010
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