This poem is dedicated to my beloved father who passed away last Dec.16, 2010.
He's the BEST MAN I've ever known
He never makes me feel I am alone
Supporting me in every way
"DON'T GIVE-UP", he would always say.

He does things so perfectly
From paper to air and in any artistry
From instruments and machinery
His skills would always amaze me!

His screams, shouts and old doctrines
His silly jokes and short stories
Aforetime it's tiring to my ears
but now I'm yearning for all these things

Every night before I sleep
I can't help to reminisce and weep
About the places we've been to
And about the things we used to do.

I know life would end someday
But it was just too soon to say
"Farewell" to the man I love,
To my protector, bestfriend and my Dad.

YULETIDE season is almost here
But my heart's filled with tears
How can my Christmas be merry
If my father is already gone from me?

I am now a little too late
To make him feel that I'm so great
Grateful to be his daughter
Grateful that he is my father!
Published: 12/31/2010
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