My Mistake

Here I say,
Were through.
But once again
I'm the one taking you back
Somehow when we
Met that day

I could feel like your
Heart was saying
That was our first heatbreak.
But I knew if I took you back
I'd only be causing more pain
So we said our sorrow
And got back together

But when I was away from you
you were with another man
You told him everything that happened
But left it a secret too me
I sat there like a fool believing every word you told me
I drove my love, my heart for you
But in the end it was a lie

The night you told me that
You were cheating on me
It broke my heart
It broke my soul
I felt like I couldn't trust you anymore
But you begged me to keep you
So I said yes like a fool
Too this day I don't know why I said yes

But I said yes and told you major things would change
So they did
But I told you for many months how I felt about it
How it broke my trust and my love for you
How you told me you would change
Just to be with me

That was the same year your father passed away
So I didn't press the matter of the cheat
But for the third time I broke up with you I told you
I loved you and would never let you go
You told me you were so pissed that night that you didn't even cry
Were back together but I feel with no trust to one another
What do you think?
I dont know
Break up for good?
Are you high fool?!?
Published: 1/7/2011
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