My Heart

Good for those in love.
My heart in my throat...
Hard to swallow
Nervous feeling
Body's shaking
heart trembling
Eyes getting hazy
Hard to breathe
Sick to my stomach
Heart pounding
Why so sad?
Why so alone?

"Dear the only thing I can think of
Is to be with you right now,
Right here,
But sadness comes
And sadness goes
Time to let go
Time to let fly
"Baby I love you so much" he said.
But without hearing much back
His heart crying that he loves her so much,

Heartache comes
And heartache goes
Feels like too much weight
But boy you did this by your own hand he thought.
So he accepted it and said everything was his fault.
The only thing he wishes to take back was heartache.
But he knows now it's too late.

So he sits there crying, whimpering, hoping to someday feel the girl he once knew what love meant too the fullest.
"Hopefully I can change he said"
Soon enough the words flew out his mouth every second towards the girl I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!
The lump in his throat finally subsided
He soon felt better
Crying alone he said
Is not your worst enemy but it'd be nice to have a friend to cry ones tears upon
Alex Minton
Published: 1/10/2011
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