A Dream

A description of a picture, hope you see the connection.
She plays Holst on a magic flute,
Blown on a seashell wind,
Her fingers bless every note,
And her magical dreams begin.

Dancing ladies spin around,
In the churchyard of the flower's petal,
The steeple clock chimes its alarm,
It's time to wake the golden meadow.

The songbirds sing along in time,
With every perfect note she plays,
As butterflies float on the sound,
Of such sweet musical melody.

The sound of children's laughter drifts,
Upon the ripples of the pond,
Their playful splashes join the tune,
In prefect harmony with her song.

Her hair adorned in daisy chains,
She feels content among the flowers,
Inspiring their sweet fragrance,
To harmonize with perfect colors.

From his silver palace a prince did ride,
Upon his steed, across the seas,
He lay down with her by her side,
To culminate her phonetic dreams.

So peaceful was the serenity,
Within her mind's poetic verse,
Her notes forever more will grace,
The wonders of her universe.
Published: 1/11/2011
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