My past.
Years months what difference does it make
Silence still taste the same no matter how you flavor it
The pain never goes away
The guilt and sorrow still remains
My heart has never been the same

Never did you utter a word in my defense
Silence rings out as you walk away
Leaving me to drown in my own sorrow and choke on my tears
It kills me to hold in my emotion
To talk and smile and pretend that nothing happened

And that we are still the same
To be able to understand your lies are just your way of love
Never once could I just shut the door and leave you alone
I was addicted to your lies
Addicted to sorrow, drawn like a moth to the flame

I could never ignore your pain
Addicted to you is what has killed me
Addicted to pain
Addicted to lies.
Published: 1/31/2011
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