This my dedication to my cute little sister. Love her **
like the stars and the moon
Like a wish and a boon
Like sky and the birds
Like us and the world
Like eyes and the view
That's how I wanna stay with you

Like light and the sun
Like laughter in a fun
Like colors in a rainbow
Like the words of a vow
Like a riddle and a clue
That's how I wanna stay with you

Like smile on my lips
Like your name on my tips
Like your picture in my mind
Like when we loose and find
Like the morning and the dew
That's how I wanna stay with you

Cuz you're the apple of my eye
You're the breath in my sigh
You're the core of my heart
We would never be apart
Cuz you're the lines on my palm
You're the most effective balm
To express myself there are words but so few
But I wanna stay with you
Published: 2/10/2011
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