A deep and melancholy sorrow.
The nighttime fell softly upon my weary shoulders,
As I lay there just staring through my window pane,
Darkness had descended in its gloomy mass of shadows,
And I see by the droplets, that it's started to rain.

I lay there thinking of something that has happened,
Something that you said while we were drinking a beer,
You told me you loved me but that you'd met another friend,
Then you told me you loved him so much more than me.

I watched as the rainbow dissolved and disappeared,
I watched the black storm clouds descend upon the sky,
My tears fell like rain upon the pond of weeping willows,
They left their wetness on your lips as you kissed me goodbye.

I watch the patterns on my window as the wind stirs up the shadows,
And I swear I see your reflection in the droplets of rain,
I reach out with my hand to wave to you a welcome,
But in the merest of moments, I see you've gone again.

My heart sinks still further with the rush of running water,
As it runs down the road and on into the drain,
And a flooding sea of memories from a happiness departed,
Sinks my spirit in an ocean of agonizing pain.

Fear brings its allusions to the loneliness I feel,
An indirect mention to my solitudinal plight,
The corruption of emotions that dance around my turmoil,
With the ever-changing shadows of a windswept stormy night.

Your words I will remember, I will take them to the grave,
I'll write them as an epitaph to my broken-hearted pain,
I'll recite them on the wind as my soul flies away,
"Here lies the memory of a love spilled in the rain."
Published: 2/15/2011
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