Are you livin' in darkness? Read this and bring light back to your life.
When your eyes search for stars
When you're world has been tored apart
When you don't where to start
When you cry for the light
When happiness is out of sight
That is what we call livin' in darkness

When there's nobody around
Not a single sound
When the world never seems to rebound
When your mind is full of doubt
When you don't know how to get in or out
That's what we call livin' in darkness

When you feel like a fallen bird
When you can't trust your own word
When you cry tears of blood
When your world drowns like in a flood
When you feel like your trapped in mud
That's what we call livin' in darkness

But if the hope never dies
Believe that your god never lies
When your tears say goodbyes
When you leave aside your sighs
That's when a ray of light will enter your heart
That's how it will erase dark apart
The smile will shine on your face
Happier will be your space
You won't be anymore in darkness.

Published: 2/16/2011
Bouquets and Brickbats