My Sweet Love

It is a poem about feeling and love.
I am thinking of you everyday
Counting the seconds to stay
With you, I do not want you to walk away
I always spend the night
Thinking of you. You are my sight
Hours are sad without you here

I cannot forget your beautiful voice I used to hear
Without you, I will never be okay
A portion of love in your voice makes me fly
Beyond the stars
Your poison love makes my heart to have scars
All these nights I cry

Because I knew that you will not be my
My hearth wants to die
If you were a psychic, you will know how I feel
With a broken heart that cannot heal
No one can replace you it is hard to compare
Now that I am lost in this world, you do not even dare
To say all you did was unfair

I just wanted to declare my love to the four winds
The photo of you I keep reminds
Of the love, I wanted that no one can deny
I ask you why?
For the harm you did to my heart
In love, I was not smart

The love I wanted broke apart
There is no way to turn back
To have the lack
Of love. It is hard to say bye
I must say this tonight
I wish I could tell you good night
However, you will never see me again for good…
What do you think about the poem?
Published: 2/17/2011
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