Just think over all the things you've done until now. Blaming god is easy but accepting your faults is tough. Just think and comment.
Think before you shed a tear
Think about everyone for whom you care
Maybe that'll bring a smile on your face
Maybe that'll lighten up your space
Else you will cry a little less
Am not sure but i can only guess.

Think before you walk with your head lowed down
Think before every time you frown
Maybe that'll make you a little better
Think before ever word you utter
Maybe that won't get out through
Maybe that'll hurt you too.

Think before you feel sad
Think of all the moments you had
Maybe that'll change your mind
Maybe life will seem to be more kind
Think before you lie asleep
Maybe there's something you forgot to keep
Think of every human being
Maybe you're not the saddest song to sing

Think....give a little thought to all of these
Maybe what you pay is god's little fees
Because life is a school never forget
There's a test for everything you get.
Published: 2/21/2011
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