Wasn't Meant to Be

I've really liked this guy but I'm just ready to give up and move on. This is kind of like my closure.
You picked my heart up
And threw it on the ground.
The worst part is
You don’t even know
What you’ve done.
I now run from you
And go the other way
So I don’t have to see
My heart’s mistake
In front of me
Every day

I’ll make no more eye contact
No more quick glances here and there
Cuz all the things
I’ve been through for you
Isn’t even fair
Things you’ll never know
Secrets I’ll never tell
I’ll run from you forever
So my mind won't have to dwell
But the worst part is still
That you’ve never known

And you probably never will
But that’s how I want it to be
So my heart will just have to chill
Why not just stop beating
You wouldn’t care either way
So I’m gonna just keep running
So the sight of you
Won’t wreck my day
You’ll meet an awesome girl in the future
But it just won’t be me
So have fun and smooch her
Have a good life Billy.
Published: 3/11/2011
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