Daydreaming and losing yourself in the misty memories of your loved one. .
My stream of thoughts comes to a standstill
As your memories take over my mind
Overwhelmed by your intoxicating smile
Heaving longing sighs, I contemplate you

Remembering every detail of your exquisite face
Every word you spoke, every silence and pause
The touch of your hand, your smile that said it all
I never realize when the day dissolves into a daydream

As my mind's eye holds on to your thought
My lips break into a smile and I believe in life again
Your thought is like an oasis in sands of my dreary life
The thought of breaking out of this dream scares me

Snapping back to reality, is the hardest thing ever
I long to see you again some day, as without you
Nothing makes any sense, nothing matters
I wait to gaze upon you someday, once again. .
By Omkar Phatak
Published: 3/22/2011
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