A love affair that came to an end knowingly but unexpectedly so soon. It was like living out a fantasy/dream and coming back to reality/waking up abruptly.
Angry, hurt, full of rage;
Confused, misused, in a daze;
Isolated, betrayed, feeling so alone.
Somehow, finding the strength to go on.
Toyed with, deceived and bamboozled;
Left undone, feeling kind of puzzled.

What went wrong?
Was it something said?
Was it something that was not?
Feeling like 'won nothing, lost a lot'
Tired of guessing.
Tired of assuming.
Days so filled with gloom and...
Then comes light shining ever so brightly.

Breaking down, once again crying;
No longer hiding nor denying;
Trying to hold on ever so tightly;
Letting go of all the mess: the drama, the fussing, the fighting;
Able to smile once again going through this.
It was as if something was released and freed within.
Looks like a new beginning,
A new start,
Freeing the very soul of my being through my heart.
Published: 3/23/2011
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