Dear Diary

Inspired by dear dear diary.
Dear dear diary I wanna tell my secret

But even still I'm scared that you won't be able to keep it...

If I write it all down

Then it's like I'm screaming without making a sound.

And if you're found, diary, someday

What's to keep them from reading what I say?

What's to stop them from saying what they think?

And all my secrets will be told before I even blink.

My fears, turned into silent screams

My crossed out, rewritten, lost dreams.

Eraser marks cover the spaces

Because I censor myself even in your pages.

So who do I tell my secrets to now?

What will my desires show?

Dear dear diary I wanna tell my secret

But it's a lost cause to try and keep it.
Published: 5/2/2011
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